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[[File:Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video )|thumb|right|250px]]'''Intro Theme (Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop This Feeling)'''
[[File:Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video )|thumb|right|250px]]'''Intro Theme (Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop This Feeling)'''
==='''Chapter 1: Freedom vs. Safety'''===
==='''Chapter 1: The Planet Mieber.'''===
*(Chronicler):...Safety vs. Freedom. A phrase that has been controversial in one way or another. Sometimes, we don't know which is the right choice, and which one isn't. Freedom to do what we want, or safety of society. Sometimes, personal liberties are important to people even in our worlds and beyond. Which is the greatest debate that will be asked in this new adventure in the Alternate UUniverses....
*(Chronicler):...Safety vs. Freedom. A phrase that has been controversial in one way or another. Sometimes, we don't know which is the right choice, and which one isn't. Freedom to do what we want, or safety of society. Sometimes, personal liberties are important to people even in our worlds and beyond. Which is the greatest debate that will be asked in this new adventure in the Alternate UUniverses....
AUU, A Simple Planet
AUU, A Simple Planet
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==='''Chapter 5: When Rebellions Become Distasteful'''===
==='''Chapter 5: When Rebellions Become Distasteful'''===
==='''Chapter 6: The Troubles of General Maximus/Killebrew Turns Terrorist'''===
==='''Chapter 6: The Troubles of General Maximus and Killebrew'''===
==='''Chapter 7: Corruptus Cured and Brothers Unite'''===
==='''Chapter 7: Corruptus Cured and Brothers Unite'''===

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Mieber is an Alternate UUniversal world with a single governing body that takes world peace to a far extreme, as they have outlawed alcoholism, smoking, and even swearing. Their rights threatened, protests and rebellions broke out, healing the crime that was thought lost forever. There is even an underground society consisting of underground railroads and tunnels where people do whatever they want, all while avoiding the watchful eye of the 'corrupt' society on the surface that presents itself as orderly. The Underground seems to do well in fighting against the governing body, but some areas in the Underground are placed under their custody. Though it will never seem to destroy the Underground entirely because there are over a thousand circuits that encompass the entire planet. To this day, the governing body considers it a priority to finally put an end to this Underground, but has never succeeded for ages. At first glace, it's easy to assume that the government in is the wrong because of common experiences of rotten governments by either tyrants or at the least well-intentioned but morally askewed, incompetent or even short-sighted rulers and that the rebellions are good because of the whole "Everyone loves a rebel" thing that's always dominant in society, and one can't help but to sympathize with the rebellion more because of the incidents. However, in truth, in this case, the Mieberian government is actually in the right for doing all this. The deaths it caused was because real dangerous weapons were threatened and the enforcers were left with little to no options and had to protect the people that would've been unintentionally killed by the protesters. A basic case of "sacrificing the individual in favor for the millions", with sadly mixed results since the protests were otherwise over mundane things, which helped even little that it's leader, President Hackagon, doesn't exactly tend to sympathize those that fall victim to enforcer hands other then "They couldn't've been saved". However, it's not out of being heartless, but because, the Mieberians needed a leader who avoids the primal weaknesses of usual sentience because the Mieberians are among the most corruptible beings in the AUU. Because of being hit by their red sun, named Corruptus, via a solar flare, the ancestors of the Mieberians were effected by it's radioactive waves where they simply become rouge for submitting too much to basic wants and needs. It lead to many countries formerly under separate rulers to declare war on each-other because of being corrupted by this flare. The world had to be saved and united by the Hackagon clan by defeating all of the original leaders and claim the world under a controlled lawful good utopia. Sadly, it didn't extinguish the corruption at all. In fact, it was kept strong thanks to the President's less understanding well intentioned brother Rea Buhl Hackagon, not understanding his brother's intentions and mistook it as a typical becoming of a control-freak tyrant, foolishly not believing in the Corruptus sun and mistook it as an ancient legend made up by control freaks to justify the control of everything, not realizing that he was corrupted by the effects of the flare. Rea was responsible for the underground society at all and has caused the infecting corruption to grow stronger and stronger, to the point that the "Heroic Underground" have recently started to resort to terrorism on military buildings and strategic points for the name "Freedom", with Rea being too sick in corruption to realize the atrocities he's creating. The only person besides the president who sees this is a more moral Underground leader and a double agent advisor to Rea named Tollund, who convinces the president to take drastic measures because Mieber is going to get worse if they don't. So the President finally decides that he alone can't fight the underground and can't allow this to continue and has decided to call for aide of the Heroes Act. However, the Grand Council seems extremely reluctant to give aide to Hackagon due to his "controversial" status for his ruling standards and is debating on whether to do that or just give Mieber the relief of being without the president in favor of Rea, only for the Council to finally decide to send the heroes there at all because of implications of terrorist attacks. However, both Magnum and Samantha are both unsure of heading to the planet due to it's so far "Harmless" sun radiation from the solar flare storm and would rather stay behind to call for help in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately, Rea's negative influence infects the rest of the Heroes Act's thinking and they start to support him as he plans to use them to his advantage against his own brother. Predicting this and Samantha finally knowing for sure that the Red Sun is infected by very powerful dark Magelio magic, they call for the help of the Lodgers to help them find a way to purify the sun Corruptus and prevent Rea from making the Heroes Act look like terrorist supporters and avoid an ugly Interuniversal mess in the making, and uniting both the Orderly Utopian City and the Underworld and reuniting brothers that were drifted apart by Corruptus, and have them work together to help the people better understand everything about the influence of the corruptive energy of the red sun even after it is purified, believing that the damage is done and that Mieberians are still the most corruptible beings ever and that compromises must be accepted. All the while, having to make sure that the over zealous general on the utopian side, General Glutus Maximus, and a violent rebel on the underground side, the source of the terrorist uprisings, Farre Killebrew, are kept from making things worse and put in their places for good. So the Lodgers and Heroes Act are guided by Tollund to fix the problem once and for all, and at the very least tone down what made the Underground how they are in the first place.


Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video )

Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video )

Intro Theme (Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop This Feeling)

Chapter 1: The Planet Mieber.

  • (Chronicler):...Safety vs. Freedom. A phrase that has been controversial in one way or another. Sometimes, we don't know which is the right choice, and which one isn't. Freedom to do what we want, or safety of society. Sometimes, personal liberties are important to people even in our worlds and beyond. Which is the greatest debate that will be asked in this new adventure in the Alternate UUniverses....

AUU, A Simple Planet

  • A Female Voice: This, is Mieber. A simple enough planet. A closer look would reveil, life.

Closer to the Planet

  • A very well organised city similar in architecture to Glass from Mirror's Edge was seen, except with a blend of alien technology. It was filled with orderly life. The Mieberians, who all dressed in futuristic spandex.
  • Voice: "Mieber, is a planet of high order. Everything, must always be orderly, civilised, and perfect. Submitting to primal urges is greatly forbidden. Not even the likes of addictive suntences like drugs and alcahol. They're not even allowed-"
  • A Mieberian citizen hit his foot to a mailbox!
  • Voice: "To cuss. Now, a normal socity would find this to be very out of the ordenary and extremely un-nessersary to make order, even if drugs, alcahol, and bad languise are the shorce of problems, but.... It's more then that..... You see...... Mieberians are the most easily corruptive folks in the AUU. Even so much, as a tiny shot of beer, will drive a Mieberian violently insane..... And how is that possable? Well..... Our story will reveil that in time. It all started when this orderly world, was plauged by it's rebelious problems."
  • An exploution was heard!
  • It was seen that a local bank was blown up, for not riches, but for the hell of it, as dirty, unkept, and non-futuristic clothing dress wearing rebelers with messy hair (if mammel or were capable to have hair), crooked and monsterious looking teeth, armed with primitive guns (Which are basicly normal guns of today, but are primitive by AUU standerds), are running from the explouded bank and hooting and hollaring like madmen!
  • A massive Bull-like Brute came out, as he gave up a narly nasty-toothed smile, contented with his successful attack.
  • The Mieberians escaped in very organised cars and away from the beastly rebelers before they get caught!
  • (Voice): "Believe it or not..... Many other worlds, root for these uncivilised and crazy beings. Why? Because they, are rebels.... And in an unfortunate standerd, people love rebels. Ignoring that these people, do not match the kind of standerds good rebels obey."
  • A Rebel destroys a mailbox with his gun and sets mail on fire!
  • Another Rebel steals candy from a Mieberian infent as a panicing mother takes her crying baby away from the greedy jerk!
  • A big bodied rebel wedges a poor Mieberian kid and laughs like a stupid brute!
  • Five male rebels began violating an mieberian woman and took turns!
  • (Voice): "If you were expecting rebelers to be heroes? May I ask you look else where. This is not your average story where the rebelion fights for freedom against an oppressive goverment. Though these barbaric bullies do want that, they don't understand that by submiting to their basic urges, they are becoming corrupted under the enfluence, of the Mieberian Sun.... Corruptus. In due to a solar flare storm from many ages ago, it caused radioactive corruption that causes people, to become vile, disgusting, violent, stupid, bullying, spoiled, uncultured brutes! And that's their only nice things. A particularly nasty rebeler, named Farre Killebrew, (the camera returns to the evil smiling Bull brute) this would be him, has began to encourage the rebelers to destroy goverment buildings, millaterry bases and stragtic points....... In basic terms..... He's turning the rebelers, into terrorests."
  • Farre Killbrew: "(LAUGHS)! Magnifisent!? The fight for freedom has never been more exsellent?!"
  • A dark and brooding Peacock-eqse raptor came form, dressed like a 19th centuary noblemen.
  • (Voice): "And this, is the rebeler leader who allowed it to happen. He is, Rea Buhl Hackagon. Yes, I know it is usual for him to have a female first name, but, it was what his parents choiced for him.... They believed in being, unconventional. But they did added in the "Buhl" part of his name to give him a, mascilent balence to discourage bullying."
  • Rea Buhl: "...... You did well, Killbrew. The best way to turn people against order, is to make them think that it can't protect them from the powerful punches of freedom. And already, (sees a flag with a symbol of a peacock-eqsed raptor representing order), the orderlies are in a panic!? (Pulls out a lit malotov and throws it at the flag, destroying and burning it)! LONG LIVE THE FORCES OF FREEDOM!?"
  • Rea Buhl looks angerly as an alternate gazelle defending her scared son.
  • The mother: "Is THIS your idea of just trying to get the goverment to legalised brain cell destroying alcahol, addictive drugs, and naughty words? YOU JUST RESORT TO TERRORISUM?! And you destroy people's wealth in the progress?! WHY WOULD THE OTHER WORLDS ROOT FOR THIS?! IF THEY KNEW THE KIND OF MONSTERS YOU REALLY ARE, THE GRAND COUNCIL WILL HAVE YOU ALL EXICUTED FOR THIS!?"
  • Farre snorted in anger, but Rea Buhl stopped him.
  • Rea Buhl: "No need to be Farre OverKill again, Farre..... She's an old friend."
  • Farre Killbrew: "..... Ahhh..... An old friend eh? She can be a use to us..... BOYS?!"
  • Three extra rebelers appeared, a short, insane frog alternate, a short-necked Giraffe alternate, and a sling-shot horned rhino alternate.
  • The Insane Frog bounced at the mother and screamed and laughed maniacly as he pointed a sword at them!
  • Short-neck Giraffe: "No no no, Mr. Smooth. Not kill. Not kill. We kidnap."
  • Mr. Smooth: "RANSOM!? STABBY IF NO PAY!?"
  • Sling-Shot Rhino: "Actselly, I think it's more like taking to be drafted into becoming one of us I believe so."
  • Giraffe: "Right you are, Mr. Nose."
  • Mr. Smooth began to tie the mother and child in chains!
  • Mr. Nose: "..... Uh, Mr. Stalky? You sure taking these two away from the surface world is a good thing?"
  • Mr. Stalky: "Allchourse it is. We're rebels. We're fighting for the most basic of civil liberties. We're the good guys."
  • The Mother and Child were gagged with Mr. Smooth's dirty socks as he laughs!
  • Mr. Smooth: "SOCKY SOCKY!?"
  • Rea Buhl came close to the mother.
  • Rea Buhl: "I am sorry, my dear sweet Janleentia, but this for you and Maaphu's own good. Take them underground."
  • Mr. Stalky, Mr. Nose and Mr. Smooth took the two underground back into the ruined bank.
  • Rebeler 1: "OH NO!? GENERAL MAX IS COMING!?"
  • (Voice): "And then comes the most underappresiated heroes of Mieber. It's enforcers."
  • The Mieberian forces came in from Star-Wars Clone Wars like-shuttles and began to land with cool halo series like battle gear and advance and proper AUU weaponry!
  • A Yateron general with a large butt came in.
  • Yateron: "FIRE?!"
  • The Mieberian forces began to overwealm and one-sidedly took down and defeated the rebelers, while invisable sheilds protect the soldiers from the rebel's primitive weaponry.
  • Farre Killbrew: "FALL BACK, YOU MAGGETS?! FALL BACK!?"
  • The remaining rebelers began to retreat!
  • the rebelers that were left behind and survived were captured by the soldiers as the soldiers began to correct the crimes commited by the rebelions, earning the Mieberians' respect.
  • The Yateron: "...... I love ze smell of a failed rebelion attack in ze morning."
  • His personal LT., A female Hymenovespula UUniverseal like Magnum, came in.
  • Yateron: "LT. Sting O' Peration, report."
  • Lt. Sting: "General Glutus Maximus, I have dire news. Janleentia, and her son, have been captured by the rebels. It's likely that Rea Buhl plans to corrupt her."
  • Glutus: "BLAST?! Then we must alarm the president and make an attack to stop this! We can't not and WILL not tolerate this! Those rebelers killed my family over their primitve wants for freedom and their sickening primal urges for unhealthy habits! I swear that I will NOT let them get away with this! I will put all of those animals to death, even if it's the last thing I do!"
  • Lt. Sting: "Yes sir."

President's office.

  • The President sees the smoke from his window.
  • A Female Peacock-Eqsed Raptor barged in! This is assumingly the sectratary.
  • Sectratary: "...... Gamton...... Our brother...... He struck again and he kidnapped Janleentia and Maaphu..... Glutus requests a new attack against their underground base.... Your desidion?"
  • The President: "..... A new attack would be risky..... This is the sixteenth terror attack in a row..... Why would my brother resort to this madness? Janleentia and Maaphu will only be saved, if we enlist outside help..... We can't afford to battle this alone. The rebels became dangerious, sister...... Make a call for the Grand Council."
  • Sectratary: "Why? They won't listen."
  • The President: "I won't expect them to believe me on my intentions, but even THEY would not dare to encourage terrorisum! Even they will have to reckindise that this is not the kind of rebelions movies and books fantisize about! They are becoming as bad as the ones of Iallog! We need Heroes Act presence. Is that understood Ka'Teel?"
  • Ka'Teel: "...... Yes sir. What about Glutus?"
  • The President: "..... Tell him to put his attack on hold, just to be safe, and ONLY as an emergency."
  • Ka'Teel: "Yes brother....."
  • Ka'Teel leaves.


  • Voice: "And this, is President Hackagon. Mieber's unappresiated saver, who protected the good people from being corrupted by Corruptus. And he has to face the questioning criticisums of less then understanding outsiders once again.
  • President Hackagon is surrounded by halograms of the Grand Council members.
  • Warson: "You know, this is the first in a long time you made a bold attempt to contact us again in spite of your controverseal status. Please keep in mind that we respect your beliefs on how you feel about certain things, and given you wished for Mieber to be vastly orderly and peaceful, we understand."
  • Galeno: "But here's where us being nice to you ends! Mieber used to the the biggest supplier of fine wiskies and medical drugs, and it had a beautiful alcahol and drug industry, but, when you banned them, those industries died out! You had a massive downfall of jobs! It's a miricle the ecomamy of Mieber managed to stay strong after that!"
  • Bayo: "Not to mention it lead to many cancelation of your part in the many trades Mieber was part with because of this! Those worlds felt inconvinenced without Mieber's co-operation."
  • Taleen: "I understand why you felt strongly about the things you banned. Drugs can be used wrongly. Alcahol is the most unhealthy drink ever, no bones about it. And nobody likes a potty mouth. But..... Aren't you sure your not going too extreme with this? Contuary to popular belief, your a nice guy, and I'm sure your brother is just not understanding you, and I felt the same way with my 9 older sisters, so I been there, but, aren't people entitled to those things even a little bit? We would understand if you want to still be strict about those things, but-"
  • President Hackagon: "With all due respect councilers, I didn't call you all up for free lectures on something I already know how to do! Believe me, I this sort of life is unorthendox, but it is our life and we Mieberians of order wish to live like this. Alchahol destroys brain cells, drugs are linked to crimes and addiction, and for foul languise... It's purely for the children's sake. We don't want them to grow up with potty mouths, do we? (The Councilers muttered in relucent agreement). Besides, I came to call because I want Heroes Act assistence in Mieber's rebellion problem."
  • Jling Sling rudely laughed!
  • Jling Sling: "Bad news, you silly control freak! The last tyrant who tried to ask for their help was Foul Cheese! They helped a bunch of pirates instead and HE was the one who was arrested! Trust me! The minute the HA even minorly interacts with those rebels, YOU'LL be the one they'll gun for! In fact, we should vote on whether we should send the HA down there anyway to help the rebels, JUST TO SPITE HIS SORRY-"
  • Warson: "JLING! Do kindly remember that we're not allowed to express THAT kind of languise here."
  • Jling Sling: "Oh right, those silly laws of his. I still say we should vote on siccing the HA on him and liberate the sad excuse of a world for Rea Buhl's faver and make this Rea the new leader! All in faver?"
  • President Hackagon: "Hear me out, good councilers, before you make a ghastly desidtion that could throeredly compromose your positions. I'm afraid the rebels of Mieber had recently started to do things that make them no longer like the rebels of fiction or different circumstances. My brother has mindlessly desided that "freedom" is worth becoming terrorists!"
  • The Grand Councilers were shocked by this.
  • Jling Sling: "...... AHEM! Ok, scratch the vote then."
  • Lotus: "YOU have made a very strong claim, Hackagon. You have evidences to support this to save yourself from looking like another Bross?"
  • President Hackagon: "I do. See for yourselves. Ka'Teel, show them the buildings that were attacked by the rebels." (A hologram was played where the buildings were attacked not just by crazy rebels turning terrorists, but from a mysterious fast-moving girl who avoided the enforcer forces' gunfire and took off with a lot of equipment by digitally storing them within a small device, and took off)
  • Jarvis:... Hmm... This may be serious. Very well, we'll send in the Heroes Act. But know this, Hackagon. We will warn them to brace themselves in this mission because we need to be cautious on whose side they need to be on. If these rebellions turn out to be doing this for good enough reasons, you will have to answer to us. And if THEY turn out to be the villains, then we'll see what we can do about the matters at hand.
  • Hackagon: I assure you, these Underground factions are a huge problem. They're threatening our way of life.
  • Lotus: Yes, but we're just being precautious. Even WE have no idea whose side we need to be on right now. This Underground might be doing this either to just be jerks or for being simply misunderstood. Weird coming from someone like me considering my own bad history with terrorisum, I know! Point is, the Heroes Act have dealt with situations similar to that before.
  • Calixto: Exactly. So be sure you can be prepared if this turns out to be a misunderstanding.
  • Hackagon: I understand. Hackagon out. (Turns off the holograms)
  • Ka'Teel: "Those people basicly warned you that our only hope we'll turn on us in the blink of an eye! And your, ok with this? Your ok with your sovergeny and our beautiful utopia being at risk because of the HA turning on us? You know your brother is a netourious lier! He'll trick them into foolhardingly join them, and then corruptus will-"
  • President Hackagon: "There's more to this then meets the eye, sister. I suspect that at least two of them, the magic users, will be very cautious of being near Mieber because they can sense the negitive enfluence of Corruptus. They would choose to be left behind while the rest will go. And should what you say happen, that will make the remaining two alarm the real help I needed."
  • Ka'Teel: "..... (Laughs). You clever dino. I get ya. Turn this into a emergeny situation and alarm the even stronger heroes! But, won't they fall for your brother's lies as well?"
  • President Hackagon: "The Lougers are a more balenced force. They know better to trust the word of steriotypes and bias. They're open to alternate truths. And they know when not to doubt things that sound, unusual."
  • Ka'Teel: "But, why not just ask for the Lougers too?"
  • President Hackagon: "Because I want the misfits to be a surprise. Fortunately, my brother isn't one for current events. He would most likely not expect it. If I had asked for the misfits with the HA, that would've risked my brother to knowing about them sooner, and while the Lougers are great, they're not perfect, as they would be easily captured by my brother's forces before they can even act."
  • Ka'Teel: "(Scoffs), Ya mean he still hasn't re-establish a way to hear about the news? What, does he also think that the VA is still around?"
  • President Hackagon: "What would your reaction be if I said "It's possable"."
  • Ka'Teel: "..... Yikes...... Then..... Are you sure doing it like this is still a good idea, cause, what if the HA blab about them? Won't that ruin everything?"
  • President Hackagon: "I'll inform them to keep events related to the Lougers and the VA's fate quiet to keep the surprise alive. Just have more trust in me, my sister. The plan will play as intended."

Chapter 2: Heroes Act Imperiled

HA Base.

  • Magnum and Samantha were seen having a duel stand-off.
  • Zosimo's voice: "Ya'll remember the rules. No cheap shot spells and no tricks. Winner takes all. Loser will have to order take-out."
  • Magnum: "It's time we see who's stronger. The powers of an anichent benvolent spirit, or magilo as a whole."
  • Samantha: "Magilo is capable of feets even gods can only dream of. Make your move, your highness."
  • Magnum: "Ok, I would like to elitterate the fact that dispite my tecnecal princess status that I'm still one of the team, Samantha, so no need for speical treatment. I want you to hit me like I was that Pow-pow guy or whatever Screech's real name was!"

Chapter 3: Lodgers Upon Request

Chapter 4: The Story of Corruptus

Chapter 5: When Rebellions Become Distasteful

Chapter 6: The Troubles of General Maximus and Killebrew

Chapter 7: Corruptus Cured and Brothers Unite


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