Mieber is an Alternate UUniversal world with a single governing body that takes world peace to a far extreme, as they have outlawed alcoholism, smoking, and even swearing. Their rights threatened, protests and rebellions broke out, healing the crime that was thought lost forever. There is even an underground society consisting of underground railroads and tunnels where people do whatever they want, all while avoiding the watchful eye of the 'corrupt' society on the surface that presents itself as orderly. The Underground seems to do well in fighting against the governing body, but some areas in the Underground are placed under their custody. Though it will never seem to destroy the Underground entirely because there are over a thousand circuits that encompass the entire planet. To this day, the governing body considers it a priority to finally put an end to this Underground, but has never succeeded for ages. At first glace, it's easy to assume that the government in is the wrong because of common experiences of rotten governments by either tyrants or at the least well-intentioned but morally askewed, incompetent or even short-sighted rulers and that the rebellions are good because of the whole "Everyone loves a rebel" thing that's always dominant in society, and one can't help to sympathize with the rebellion more because of the incidents. However, in truth, in this case, the Mieberian government is actually in the right for doing all this. The deaths it caused was because real dangerous weapons were threatened and the enforcers were left with little to no options and had to protect the people that would've been unintentionally killed by the protesters. A basic case of "sacrificing the individual in favor for the millions", with sadly mixed results since the protests were otherwise over mundane things, which helped even little that it's leader, President Hackagon, doesn't exactly tend to sympathize those that fall victim to enforcer hands other then "They couldn't've been saved". However, it's not out of being heartless, but because, the Mieberians need a leader who avoids the primal weaknesses of usual sentience because the Mieberians are the most corruptible beings in the AUU. Because of being hit by their red sun, named Corruptus, via a solar flare, the ancestors of the Mieberians were effected by it's radioactive waves where they simply become rouge for submitting too much to basic wants and needs! It lead to many worlds formerly under separate rulers to declare war on each-other because of being corrupted by this flare. The world had to be saved and united by the Hackagon clan by defeating all of the original leaders and claim the world under a controlled lawful good utopia. Sadly, it didn't extinguish the corruption at all. In fact, it was kept strong thanks to the President's less understanding well intentioned brother Rea Buhl Hackagon, not understanding his brother's intentions and mistook it as a typical becoming of a control-freak tyrant, foolishly not believing in the Corruptus sun and mistook it as an ancient legend made up by control freaks to justify the control of everything, not realizing that he was corrupted by the effects of the flare. Rea was responsible for the underground society at all and has caused the infecting corruption to grow stronger and stronger, to the point that the "Heroic Underground" have recently started to resort to terrorism on military buildings and strategic points for the name "Freedom", with Rea being too sick in corruption to realize the atrocities he's creating! The president finally decides that he alone can't fight the underground and can't allow this to continue and has decided to call for aide of the Heroes Act. However, the Grand Council seems extremely reluctant to give aide to Hackagon due to his "controversial" status for his ruling standards and is debating on whether to do that or just give Mieber the relief of being without the president in favor of Rea, only for the Council to finally decide to send the heroes there at all because of implications of Terrorist Attacks. However, both Magnum and Samantha are both unsure of heading to the planet due to it's so far "Harmless" sun radiation from the solar flare storm and would rather stay behind to call for help in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately, Rea's negative influence infects the rest of the Heroes Act's thinking and they start to support him as he plans to use them to his advantage against his own brother. Predicting this and Samantha finally knowing for sure that the Red Sun is infected by very powerful dark Magelio magic, they call for the help of the Lodgers to help them find a way to purify the sun Corruptus and prevent Rea from making the Heroes Act look like terrorist supporters and avoid an ugly Interuniversal mess in the making, and uniting both the Orderly Utopian City and the Underworld and reuniting brothers that were drifted apart by Corruptus, and have them work together to help the people better understand everything about the influence of the corruptive energy of the red sun even after it is purified, believing that the damage is done and that Mieberians are still the most corruptible beings ever and that compromises must be accepted. All the while, having to make sure that the over zealous general on the Utopian side, General Glutus Maximus, and the violent rebel on the underground side, the source of the terrorist uprisings, Farre Killebrew, are kept from making things worse and put in their places for good.

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