Thellor C. Xalmon is an Alternate UUniversal Gerbit from Planet Harbanisan. He is the elderly hermit-crab-like former guardian of Pooler Island and the last of the commanders of the guardian force before it was replaced with more efficient species. He lamented that Pooler Island was vulnerable to villain attack as a result, but after sensing hope in the form of Olarm, whom he noticed was not only one of the last humans residing in the AUU following their interdimensional evacuation, but was one of the many who had Cerwan's Mutation, which allowed the individual to adapt and mutate through their maturity, which was what Olarm was doing after exposure to swimming in the sea for much of her years since she was adopted by Harbanisan's main race, the cetacean Harbins. Hoping that she would bring peace and hope for Pooler Island, he tells Olarm to seek a friend of his family, Ääomtroy, whose family had trained his family's force for years and he didn't exactly do it and had his own martial arts school, and was currently raising an adopted Sbwoll family. With his training, Olarm adapts well in the sea, and even gets the experience to help her stop her the father of her crush, boyfriend, and later husband Orrobe, the mining corporate scumbag Mr. Tiris, and after bringing him to a better job in the Eroxxon Corporation, Orrobe's adopted sisters go to live on Pooler Island with him, and eventually, Thellor's desires are realized when the humans return to the AUU and build a city on the island called Pooler City, in which Olarm enthusiastically has a chance to explore her race's technology aside from the ones she collected all her life, right after they give her a good wedding with Orrobe, and some even recognize her and state her parents' lives, and that her mother taught her to get used to water to the point where the baby showed great love of swimming, which combined with her HPA agent father's Cerwan's mutation, explained a lot, even saying there were clothes adequate enough for a sea human like her as they 'were a diret a dozen in their days', including shoes that actually fit and compliment her webbed feet. All the while, Thellor is chosen to lead Pooler City's police force by request from Ääomtroy.


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