The Lougers and the HA came to the Nex Tower for an impourent defeluptment. Duchess Zeldanai Tria, an impourent Aufone peacekeeper, has opened talks with an impourent Sailneck figure, Uncle P. Enis, an Aufone sympathiser and one of a very rare selection of rational-minded Sailnecks, onto about sharing mining rights onto the planets since the Sailnecks, while say it's their property, haven't exactly capitalised on it, not even with their UIS membership, hiding behind the excuse that "We're getting there!" The Duchess wants to have the peace-talks that both finally gets mining operations back in order while still respecting the Sailneck's terratory. It in term will encourage better relations between UIS and the USRA races, and to the lougers, that is very needed after the close calls they had with them. However, Warson warns that the heroes weren't invitied just to see a historic event alone, but to protect Uncle Enis from radical Pro-USRA extremeists that are known headaches to any attempt to rationalised peace and better relations with UIS. Tria explains a tragic tale of such a case in an Aufone Colony and a mining area for Glonium that believes in diplonicy over violence. The Aufone leader, Duchess Zeldanai, became an advocate of peace and wanted to make relations between the Sailnecks and Aufones peaceful when fighting proved continiously dishastorious thanks to UIS, even with USRA help. Zeldanai met up with interested UIS representives and a Sailneck ambasitor, Uncle Fogg, an iconic and beloved Sailneck, to discuss a treaty to settle differences. The treaty would state that the planets that are no longer claimed by the Aufones will belong to UIS and the Sailnecks while they maintain the other planets in return for peace, and, apart from arguments about how they had the planets with "The Prettier Rocks" while they kept the not as great pretty rocks, but Fogg and the Representives proved willing to compromise with additional deals of trading in mind. It looked as if Zeldanai would've succeeded in making things more peaceful in South QXYZ, but, a rouge miltia group made up of embittered refugees from K89, K1SS, and the fallen New Goaeclite donning offical Aufone and USRA millatery garb at the time, charged in and fired at Uncle Fogg and the UIS representives. The Representives survivced thanks to speical protections, but Fogg was slain by the embittered fanactics who began to shout "DEATH TO UIS" and "REMEMBER K89" as they even attacked Zeldanai for trying to invervine for the representives and that peace is the only way to save their homes in South QXYZ, but was instead propmtly shot at by the fanactic leader while the representives were forced to escaped. The planet came to be under the regime of Anti-UIS politics and Sailneck hate and encouraged to fight a clearly unwinnable situation while the injured Duchess was exiled for only trying to advocate for peace. Fortunately, their recklessness was short lived as the Sailnecks and UIS quickly punished them in the name of UIS's intregaty and Uncle Fogg. This planet became the memorial site of Fogg and a cold rememder for the USRA of what could've been in the days post-war. Zeldanai did survived her wounds and has since came to be a stronger influence in Aufone culture that would change the way the USRA thinks and better handles certain folk. Her desendent, Duchess Zeldanai Tria herself, became a promdomentant ambasitor and peacekeeper for the Aufones and the Sailnecks ever since, even with the risk of a wrong move leading to her to be enslaved, who aims to re-establish a new peace talks to re-gain the Sailnecks trust and newfound approval to at least come to the planets to mine for the gems and not by all means live in them but to live in space stations around the planets so it is not to intrude on the Sailnecks eventual plans to "Get to make homes on them planets". It's a slow moving process, but one that is heading to a kinder direction. And Duchess Tria wants the Lougers and the HA to keep Enis safe from one such Extreme Pro-USRA group, crudely named Team UIS Sucks, lead by a former Rabodan General infamous for trying to attempt an act of war against UIS, Smurf C. Unton, the group is filled with USRA folk and pro-USRA fanboys with massive hate boners for UIS and any of their "Ilk", and would unquestionably aim to ruin the peace talks and risk escalation. The Lougers and the HA aim to put Smurf in his place.

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