Salo de Storm

Salo de Storm, AKA Charmwing

Salo de Storm, nicknamed Charmwing, is an Alternate UUniversal Marrit from Planet Nygia. She was a former fortuneteller who was known for having the beauty of her country's culture, having multiple boyfriends for it, but none of them worked out well in the end. Her strategic personality earned her a role as a strategist, navigations expert, and hypnotist for the Para Knights. She is known to have great flexibility in combat, which she claims she took 10 years to master in self-defense classes. She rarely uses her charm ability while fighting crime, preferring to outsmart an enemy with strategy or hypnotism.


Salo was born on Nygia in a country called Pharne, which has a modern form of physiognomy which stated that the most attractive and charming were the most successful, and that the ones who weren't were not exactly inferior, but they were just successful, but the most attractive had the most 'luck' in doing things right. Because of this belief, Salo didn't feel comfortable because she looked like a 'nerd' according to the people at her school. So at age 16, she signed up for a ceremony where she could be granted the 'enlightened charm' to become the most successful. She was given a harmless plastic surgery and a long makeover. When it was finished, she was considered the most beautiful person in her high school.

She became so fascinated by her fame that she decided to become a hypnotist. She learned a knack of knowing hypnotic tricks, and after dropping out, she became a digital fortuneteller where she used her hypnotic skills, her charm, and her digital imaging device to do her job perfectly for 2 years. Throughout the next 3 years of her life, she gained multiple boyfriends, but broke up with them when each of them turned out to care about her only for her looks. This lead to her developing a sensitivity about how people talk dirty about her body.

But she proved to be useful when she used her charm to stop a burglar. The Nygian military offered her a job as part of a project that would create a squadron of Paratroopers that would prove to be perfect in the cause of the Interuniversal War. But the project was shut down a month after she signed up for it. She began doubting herself because she felt that her charm would make her much of a target than a hero. But after being convinced by Captain Asapha Sonarr, she joins the Para Knights and became the navigations expert, strategist, and hypnotist.


Salo's charm and beauty wasn't hereditary. It was the result of a ceremonial plastic surgery and makeover. Her looks were known to attract over a thousand people in her lifetime, and after a long time, she got used to it. But she soon developed a sensitivity of sexual remarks later in her life. Anyone who comments like that usually winds up with a broken bone. She is the navigational expert of the Para Knights, mapping out planets with her portable navigational datapad, and planning mission strategies with it. Her strategic skills make her a genius, but not that much of a scientific genius. She did earn a master's degree in certain sciences, and being part of the military for a short period of time lead her into being trained to fly aircrafts. She even took self-defense classes in case a flirt tries to go too far, which she developed into her own martial art. She rarely uses her Uosse DP40B Disintegration Pistol even in combat, but she mostly prefers to use her 2 electrical energy blades to block gunfire and send jolts of electricity to anyone she strikes. She also wears a GravWing-10 Wing Pack for individual flight.

As a Para Knight, she rides her own Skewer fighter aircraft which she names the Physiognomy. The Physiognomy was designed to represent her beauty the same way, and is propelled by 4 turbine thrusters. The Physiognomy is powered by a mini fusion reactor, and is armed with 4 laser cannons, and a missile launcher.

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