Samber Sam Zukudor

Samber S. Zukudor is an Alternate UUniversal Octophant from Planet Uridia. He is an eight-tusked pachyderm who was a member of a large ungulate thug group known as the Thonks who hung out in criminal territory until they betrayed him and his brother Jettle for something that one of their own did wrong. After being rescued by a Phaseforce squad lead by Rollond, he and his brother stopped being thugs and became mercenaries, gamblers, and bounty hunters, and eventually joined Rollond in the Vault Seekers. They did well in dealing with corporatocratic tyranny brought on by Awesome Jaxtom and made a ton of money with them on their quest to not only find the 88 Uridium Vaults, but also protecting them from Jaxtom. However, because trying to find a Vault always ended in failure thanks to the Vault Seekers, Commandant Steelea was ordered to have them under mind-control so they can find the Vaults for him, and she succeeded, having them under his control for a whole year. Samber and Jettle have suffered this fate, yet they will be freed upon some unexpected hero arrivals. Unlike his brother, who prefers to use his fists, Samber prefers to go in trigger-happy with his many weapons and guns, shooting everyone in epic blood-rages as a gunslinger capable of doing high amounts of damage with his Armatage/Huncus weapons. Hunted by the Phaseforce for manslaughter, theft, arson, destruction of property, trespassing on restricted property, public indecency, and profanity, he is utterly impossible to defeat. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Salvador (Gunzerker), and has the same abilities.


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As an eight-tusked elephant, Samber is naturally strong, brutal, durable, has relentless fighting, stamina, and has good wrestling skills. He wears an elastic yet durable flexisuit underneath his orange shirt that can fit on anyone regardless of scale, and is known as a much stronger version of Kevlar and Nomex. He can use his trunk as a snorkel as a good swimmer and as a makeshift limb.

Though he uses Armatage and Huncus weaponry, he prefers weaponry from the Trumper Weapon Line of which contain pulse guns, coilguns, railguns, and tesla cannons, all with excellent absorption of recoil, his main weapons of choice being two dual M10 Pulsers, M335C Railguns, M390E Railgun Blasters, and M880B5 Railgun Cannons, which are all of the Trumper Line. Any other weapon he uses only half of the time or sparingly, or sells right away. He has a Huncus RRES-110 Regenerative Recharging Energy Shield that heals Samber and recharges itself, and has an Armatage ISD-1000 Infinite Storage Device to carry his weapons. He can wield his weapons with maximum efficiency, especially when using more than one weapon and going all trigger-happy on everyone. He can even use an augmentation serum drawn from his own blood at will through cybernetic implants to improve his resilience, boost his health, make him more durable and unrelenting, and be basically unstoppable.


  • "Oh, guns, I love you so!"
  • "Who wants to be shot in the face, or any place funny?"
  • "Time to go Under the Law on these douchebags!"
  • "What's better than two guns? IN-F******-FINITY GUNS, BITCHES!"
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