Dormus, disappointed of the outcome from Xiu, has sent over Tar-rus, a minotaur of might and intelligents, Speedster. a fast, loud-mouth male gazelle with an attatude, and Wy-Vona, a female Wyvern with vast elemental abilites. they are sent to capture Xiu and the weapon of everything, but fortunatly, not to destroy or harm the lougers, because of Dormus not wanting them destroyed, but disires that Xiu is captured and is to be judged by him and The Council of Sactuary High Prests. Dormus does want, however, to have the lougers memories erased of the recent encounters of Xiu, to preserve the sactuary presence, and even though no killing is allowed, are are afthorised to defeat the lougers so they are helpless to Dormus's memory loss spell. However Spyro will not allow Dormus and the Sactury get away with judging  Xiu because the Guardians: Santa Claus (North), Sandman (Sandy), The Tooth Fairy (Tooth), The Easter Bunny (Bunnymund), Jack Frost, Cupid (My Oc Rise of the Guardians Character from Narzilda's revenge parts 5 to 10) And the Angel of Light (Another Oc Hero of mine from the Narzilda's Revenge series) have come to back him and Sparx up by making Spyro the Weapon of Evreything's offical bearer along with bringing the other betrayer (Besides The Judge of Darkness) to the First Protecters of the United Universe to be brought to justice and Disban the Sactuary for good. Dormus is, by no means evil, just interested in preventing conflict from getting worse for that is why he left the Guardians after the Judge of Darkness Betrayed them and thought Dormus betrayed them too, and doesn't want weapons and items created by the sactuary or of anicent power being grimly misused.

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