Sandā Raitoningu Inu is an Equestrian Storm Dog, specifically a raijū, or a canine creature of multiple breeds infamously smuggled by The Storm Clan, from the land of Pana. His name translating to 'Lightning Watch Dog', Sandā was abandoned by his Storm Clan masters since the death of their thunder creature smuggling head The Bestiary King, who was said to be dominated by the worst of Equestria's monstrous creatures, when he was actually just turned into an animal, which was said to have inadvertingly purifived the Bestiary King as a regret riddled Fu-Xi-eqsed King Cobra with the Storm Clan Insigmia on the back of his head as a sort've mark of shame he has come to deem it as, who originally gave him the name Fulgur. Now going by his current name after being adopted by Lady Gongzhu, who tamed Sandā into being her first and main attack beast.

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