Sandbar is an Equestrian Earth pony in the MLP franchise, and a student for Twilight Sparkle's new school. He is an easygoing Earth pony and a part of the Young Six. Voiced by Vincent Tong (Flash Sentry).

Role in the series

Sandbar and Shore Joy

Sandbar with Shore Joy

Due to the leaked footage, Sandbar appears early during the episode The Elements of Disharmony trying to save his seapony friend and love interest Shore Joy's home reef when it is threatened by the Elements of Disharmony. He's revealed to have earned his cutie mark when he was watching Leviathan Whales with his parents and ended up going overboard and lost in the sea until being rescued by Shore Joy, whose kindness got him to appreciate and love undersea wildlife and earns his cutie mark after saving sea turtles and being saved from drowning himself by them. Afterward, after becoming friends after Sandbar felt grateful for Shore helping find his life's calling and cutie mark, the two started falling in love with each other. Sandbar signed up for the School of Friendship after the incident with Twilight trying to steal from Seaquestria caused a bad reputation among seaponies and land ponies, wanting to help his love interest's race yet didn't realize that it meant he had to move to Ponyville away from her. However she is allowed to attend the school with him as seaponies can maneuver and move quickly on land, allowing the two to be happy and be a couple.
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