Santrago An Sanct

Santrago Eric An Sanct

Santrago Eric An Sanct is an Alternate UUniversal Aectoid-Xuron Hybrid from Planet Scyria. He is a masterful hacker of immeasurable skill and scientific intelligence who hails from a world ruined on the outside of protective energy fields during the Scyrian Ages when the native Teadr 1 Scyrians disappeared after their proficiency in genetic engineering drove them into genetic madness and then into stasis. Santrago gained a partnership with Dinia Altories, as she intended to found more colonies on the planet for the Union of Independent Systems, as their own home of Independence was built with help from the United Sentient Races Alliance, even when it is mostly deemed un-nessersary and extremely un-orthendox of any of UIS and that such things aren't usually required when UIS is usually an allience super-power with basicly free-reign, but doing it reguardless on the thought of doing it for diplomatic politeness. Santrago manages to help fix the malfunctioning obelisk above their home and admits he was in love with Dinia before they finish. But they realize that the obelisk has destroyed the ozone layer above them, forcing them into an underground land filled with jungles of fungus and bioluminescent life, as well as rich amounts of liquid enhancelement, a biomechanical energetic metal of Scyrian origin. The couple thus decide a way to use a signal to teleport out of the radioactive wasteland. Then they meet Heili Runner, Meya Liu, and Edwyn Stonewell, who have been on an accidental adventure following their defeat of the conqueror Nervay. They discover how to operate the obelisks without USRA security clearance, but Dinia almost dies when Edwyn becomes a tentacled monster suffering genetic madness when he became obsessed with enhancelement, jealous of his rival Heili, and convinced that Dinia was trying to steal his work. Enraged, Santrago almost gets killed attacking Stonewell. He is forced to leave for the dead Scyrian capital of Ar Cretacion where he devises a way to combat the colossal beasts that wander the dead land through giant mech suits that can be molecularly be fused into a bigger one. But his work isn't complete when the monsters attack too soon. He is forced to distract them while the others evacuate while he loses his life. But later, his body and mech suit are found by a revived Dinia, who resurrects him into a synthetic biomechanical android while using his mech suit to find her way back to the others. The four complete their journey after slaying the king of all beasts and hoping to cleanse the world of enhancelement and biological intoxication so they can reterraform the world and restore it's former glory while Santrago and Dinia get married. He is a massively intelligent hacker with an infinite amount of recreational and occupational skill, and he has the uncanny ability to read any data network, computer information, and electronic matrix with his psychokinetic abilities. He is the AUU version of Ark: Survival Evolved Santiago.


Santrago was born as the hybrid son of a Xuron military officer and an Aectoid military scientist and hacker. As a teenager, Santrago was an Omninet celebrity who was masterful with using the expansive network for anything beneficial for his home and beyond, and he even learned how to read the Omninet with his own psychokinesis and access it from there even without a computer or mobile device. Santrago grew up and became good at online movie reviews, editing for videos, special effects, virtual gaming, blogging, fan fiction, and downright being a 'nerd'. His doctorates were through the roof and he graduated too early. He thus became a traveling omniworker, doing any job he sees for a cheap price, pulling them very flawlessly. His exploits earned him many awards and he became renowned for his skill. But because he was more skilled in hacking, he became a professional Omninet caretaker.

5 years later, he was chosen to be partnered with Dinia, who he doesn't get along with at first. They come to be the best team around while also having their own students: Busty, a Pisc who risks his life to get recognition, Milidia, an engineering Memnmean with too much knowledge than she knows what to do with, Joris, the student leader Marxan who takes the job seriously, Qendru, a rough Rocken combatant scientist and tamer, and Grants, the underappreciated Tirod rookie student. They begin to do diagnostic and scientific work for the government and their UIS colony of Independence. Then one day, the obelisk that floats above Independence malfunctions and threatens to destroy it. The crew enters the obelisk to fix it and Santrago, as he fixes it, admits he's in love with Dinia. The obelisk is fixed, but the damage it did has destroyed the ozone layer above them and causes radiation to burn the surface. Thus Independence was abandoned and the entire population retreats into an underground land of bioluminescent forests and bizarre creatures.

While underground, Santrago discovers that there is a mysterious signal outside of the irradiated Lapse Wastes, and figures out the inhabitants can escape there. Thus the Escape Project was born with the intent to transport there via teleportation. But they also take the time to learn about the Lapse Caves' wildlife and how it gets it's bioluminescence from a kind of synthetic energetic metal called enhancelement, giving them 'glowcharge'. Santrago manages to tap into the data banks of the Scyrian technology in the Lapse Caves digging up information and how the Scyrians made the caves as an artificial adaptive radiation, seeing how isolated wildlife would evolve in exposure to enhancelement. Thus the dinosaurs underground have bioluminescent spots and stripes, and new bizarre creatures exist. Santrago continues using his psychokinetic technopathy skills to read more about the Scyrians to find helpful information while also spending time with his new girlfriend, even making out with her for two hours within earshot of their disturbed students.

After intense research, the two learn about a newcomer that Grants fell in love with in the bioluminescent forest, bathing in the lagoon. They find her and bring her to the station, where they learn her name is Meya. She refuses to sleep out of caution and wishes to sleep with her animals. Santrago, intrigued by her animal empathy, and even earning the affection of Qendru, convinces Dinia to let her go to relocate her camp and animals to the station. But Dinia suggests to have her use a tech suit when she detects swarms of Eerioses, bat-like creatures they name after the mythological bat imps. Meya relocates the campsite and animals and also bring in two old acquaintances, Heili Runner and Edwyn Stonewell. Santrago actually laughs at Dinia's hesitance of Heili being a Tiikon, a rival race to hers, seeing racial rivalries as no big deal and just like a childish gender war. He helps them get along by showing the two have much in common. Santrago has even used his skill in reading the Omninet mentally to get the group to appreciate each other more, all except for Edwyn, who has concealed his Omninet accounts cloaking himself from Santrago. This makes him realize that Edwyn might be up to something. But he only sees him at work once, being disturbed by his obsession with enhancelement.

Santrago teases the fact that all five of their students have fallen for Meya after only seeing her swimming naked once, but that they're also afraid of her because of her passive-aggressive nature, her animalistic instinctual behavior, and even her animals that always catch them peeping on her or disturbing her. Though he assures them that they can get their minds off it by spending time alone together, going to a trip together but almost die in the hands of Dinia's mutated childhood bully, who tried to manipulate them and even almost kills them or mutates them, especially when they find an underground Scyrian genetic lab and subterranean Scyrian city ruins. During this time, they get to know each other more, and Santrago is happy their adventure got them to not only get over Maya, but appreciate each other. This makes them easy to work with and Dinia is impressed. But what they all don't know is that with his psychokinesis, he learned all about the trip and then uses it to read about the dead city and lab, cutting it off after seeing it was potentially dangerous.

Soon after, Santrago uses his abilities to sense that the obelisk on the surface is about to destroy the Lapse Caves after finding a way to activate the Escape Project. The entire crew decide that Heili, Meya, and Santrago go to the surface and to the obelisk so they can access the teleportation grid and stop the obelisk's destruction by using thermal detonators to destroy it as it was considered too faulty to remain. Upon arrival, Santrago accidentally triggers the security system and releases monsters that attack them. Heili and Meya fight them off while Santrago plants the detonators and gets the code for the teleportation grid. The obelisk is destroyed and the three return heralded as heroes. But their joy is short-lived when Meya snaps at Heili for trusting Edwyn because he experimented on her cergline Sho with enhancelement, ending their friendship even when Dinia calls her out for it. Santrago, fearing the worst, rushes the Escape Project so that they can escape a potential attack from a vengeful Edwyn. His fears are proven right when Edwyn returns as an unstoppable monster infused with enhancelement. As weeks of fighting him go by, he is distraught when Dinia is killed and stays behind to work on the Escape Project while Meya and Heili go to stop Stonewell. Afterward, he finds his students missing and yet doesn't have time to use his powers to find them as he convinces the guilty Heili to stay as they go through the Escape Portal to the source of the signal: Ar Cretacion, the ancient capital of Scyrian times.

The team goes into the abandoned capital and find more people studying it. After Santrago reads their data, he convinces them to lead them since their last leader died a day ago. They relocate their base of operations to the city's old government hub, Cretacion Hall, naming it Base Cretacion, while sending Heili and Meya to explore the outside of the city, only for them to come back not just with new animals, but have survived an encounter from the same kind of animal that got Meya stranded on Animosity Island, which the staff confirm as the planet's apex predator, the Titos. He also discovers that much of the wildlife outside have been corrupted by the rich amounts of enhancelement, which has learned to evolve from it's long-time exposure to the planet as a self-aware form of matter. But he also discovers that enhancelement couldn't expand fast enough in such a large density under natural conditions even with a millennia of uninterrupted growth. He theorizes that Scyrians expanded it by implementing it as a weapon of war, unknowingly spreading it into the atmosphere at an alarming rate through battles and expansion. A war that might have driven them to extinction. He also creates bigger tech suits to combat the Titoses, and a technology of nanotech and atomic assembly to create a colossal tech suit.

He finds a signal he deems important and Heili jumps at the thought of it answering questions on the Scyrians. The team briefly give him a birthday party to ease off being overworked, but though progress on the colossal tech suit went well afterward, the tech suit facility outside of the city ends up attacked by a pair of Titoses and their offspring too soon and they fight with what they have. With no other choice, Santrago has to distract the Titos family and allow the others to escape with what they can save, even if what's left won't be enough to finish the colossal tech suit. He takes a normal tech suit and leads them away, but he gets killed in the process when he kills all the Titos babies. He dies after carving his name into his death spot, but is later rescued by Dinia, who had been healed by their missing students and given time to contain a self-resurrected Stonewell before escaping to Ar Cretacion. She stores his body in his tech suit while she uses it to fight her way back to his group. Overjoyed that Dinia is alive, they put Santrago into a stasis tank and discovers he can't be regenerated because he has been poisoned with enhancelement. So Dinia aims to resurrect him as an android with all the uncorrupted remnants of him. Until then, Santrago manages to use his psychokinesis to trace a powerful signal and the same signal that brought them to Ar Cretacion, locking onto it with reverse-engineered psychokinetic scanners derived from Santrago's own ability. They find a gigantic invisible artificial tower structure similar to the Scyrian obelisks or the Tiikon Beaconbeam Tower, that have actually been controlling them, and that it will provide all the answers they sought. So after another Titos attack from the family of the same Titos that drove Meya to Animosity Island, they prepare for their quest to this tower.

They arrive at the tower and find that it's mobile and autonomously managed. They find terminals of infinite data, screens that show different locations including Animosity Island, Scorchar Desert, Lapse Wastes, which was malfunctioning, and others including Medievrok, a small land of middle-age Scyrian times now inhabited by medieval outer civilizations, Guero Valley, a rocky paradise where most forms of Scyrian wildlife were introduced to otherworldly dinosaurs, and Centro Fallscape, a floating island above a series of elaborate waterfalls where a high-tech gladiatorial arena was built. They also find a giant holographic globe map of Scyria and several miniature ones which activate autonomous spawning chambers that replicate Scyrian wildlife and create new ones in evolutionary chambers, the obelisk supercomputer that watches over the Scyrian obelisks and other Scyrian colonies and technology, they find a massive archive of digitally-contained resources and technology and finally they find an endless chasm containing the preserved bodies of Scyrians themselves. They also meet the true Overwatcher, whom Heili had met before, saying that they shouldn't have come here and chase them out with killer machines. But with their psychokinetic scanners, they successfully copy the entire tower's data and information and take it back to Base Cretacion, while also taking a picture of the Overwatcher.

Though Santrago is still being rebuilt, he is able to read the information they have gathered and they brief the entire crew about what they've learned. The Scyrians are a race of genetically-improved dinosaurians that were long-time survivors about 1 billion years old, and have survived three post-apocalyptic events, all of which advanced them into creating enhancelement, a hybrid of life and matter that could be compatible as a renewable fuel source, create clean environmentally-friendly byproducts and materials, medical remedies, and could be ingested to rapidly evolve and become a million years evolved permanently and blend other genes with it's effects, allowing them to splice their own genetics and become the race they are now. However, just like what happened to Stonewell, this drove the race into genetic madness. They became more unstable mentally and turned into feral beings obsessed with ascending. After a destructive war that spread the enhancelement around the world, the leader in Ar Cretacion implemented the Overwatcher, an AI derived from his own mind that is responsible for safeguarding the Scyrians and their technology in this flying tower called the Scyr Spire, healing a planet that was turned to a wasteland warped with the evolved enhancelement, and keeping their secrets from falling into the wrong hands. This is why the Overwatcher doesn't want anyone on the case, believing modern society would rather capitalize on these secrets or use it for selfish pursuits than preserve them. Santrago declares that they should not only leave the Overwatcher alone, but also prove him wrong by helping heal the planet. Though the Overwatcher, who possesses the same psychokinetic abilities as Santrago as an advanced AI, aims to stop them before they find 'The Seeding Protocol'.

Months later, they unearthed from a secret underground tech cave a new artifact far different from the others guarded by a Titosataur, a smaller sentient Titos genetically engineered by the Scyrians, and afterward they do the same thing for the other four biodomes surrounding Ar Cretacion also guarded by Titosataurs. When Heili touches all of these artifacts, however, she experiences visions or memories of a being of light, monsters roaring, and the sky on fire, as well as one giant tomb of godly light and machinery, labeled the 'Ascending Tomb'. The visions seem to clarify that it wants her, but she doesn't believe it because of the Overwatcher being against her. They read up more until more giant monsters beside Titoses attack, and Meya is almost killed before they discover that they are repelled by these new artifacts.

Heili is poisoned by an enhancelement crystal beast impaling her and she slowly starts withering until Meya brings her to the Ascending Tomb she mapped out with her visions and analytical thinking as well as Santrago's abilities. But just as they were ready, a new Titos appeared: The Titos Rex, the king of all Titoses. Meya, with her animal empathy, indicates that the Titoses are half-sentient and form a wild pseudo-civilization lead by a single giant 100ft tall and breaths enhancelement like a dragon, and deduces accurately that it's the direct cause of the enhancelement outbreak as the enhancelement, with it's self-awareness, chose the planet's apex predator as it's avatars and made them evolve to do it's bidding. The Titos Rex, the avatar of the enhancelement's core being, destroys the Cretacion Hall, the middle section of Ar Cretacion, and kills all but Heili, Meya, Dinia, and Santrago. They were saved because the artifacts, when assembled, can drive off the Titos Rex.

With Dinia forced to stay behind in an underground forest cave to watch over Santrago, Meya has to go to save Heili herself. While they do so, Santrago discovers through his abilities that the Titos Rex is after them, knowing where they're going. They find the best hiding spot to escape it as they end up coming across a giant predatory Titos Tree, which is an evolved megahybrid plant until Meya comes back and saves them with her damaged tech suit, saying that Heili will be back soon as the Tomb indicated. Then they come across another signal which Santrago reads is not from the Scyr Spire, but from another spire. They go there to find another Overwatcher, this one of the leader of the other side of the war, who claims that the Overwatcher is faulty and that she is a backup copy created without permission in case of malfunction, because the Titos Rex had damaged the Scyr Spire enough to cloud away much of it's protocol so it couldn't proceed with the Seeding Protocol, something that all their enemies currently are keeping from her, as well as giving it time to completely infect the world with enhancelement, cancelling out the Seeding Protocol. She managed to save the Seeding Protocol from being deleted by transferring it into her spire, the Sydus Spire, and find a person with pure mind, heart, and soul to safeguard it, that at first being Heili's mother until the Overwatcher killed her. She thus chose the next best thing: her daughter.

So Santrago, after extensive study of both the data of the Scyr and Sydus Spires, devises a plan to implement the Seeding Protocol. The only way to do so is to reduce the enhancelement toxicity by destroying the core of it's being, inside the Titos Rex. Though they discover that there was no technology the Scyrians conceived that can take down the massively-evolved Titos Rex, which was 1 billion years evolved with it's unlimited access to enhancelement. But to their extreme luck, Santrago had unintentionally given them the ace in the hole they needed. The colossal tech suit he had been working on wouldn't work at it's full potential is because it required far too much enhancelement to power. But when they remember that the Titos Rex had been spreading and surround basically the entire land around Ar Cretacion, essentially making it the Titos Rex's capital, upon reading the amounts of enhancelement, they realize to their extreme astonishment that it's more than enough enhancelement to power the colossal tech suit, with Dinia absolutely amazed by Santrago saying he owes him another kiss. They salvage the resources from the ravaged tech suit facility and successfully finish it, and discover that they fuse so completely it's like they were never separated in the first place, packs power off the charts, outfitting it with a new enhancelement-siphoning alloy that can absorb enhancelement wherever it goes and feed it to it's power. With her high-class military training, Dinia took the frontal control of the colossal tech suit while Santrago acted as an AI, and Meya handled the combat strategy. It was time for their final battle.

The colossal tech suit absorbed the enhancelement at a rapid rate and slain countless Titoses until there was nothing in the observable vicinity left to draw from. With the colossal tech suit at it's strongest it was on an equal level to the Titos Rex. It's initial assault was intense, but they used all they knew to keep on the defensive and offensive in a battle that shook the world. In the end, they found it's weak spot and the location of the enhancelement core being, and struck it with their energy sword. The core being was destroyed and took away the substance's self-awareness, weakening the global infection's integrity and bringing it to 25% by present day. It freed the Titoses from their pseudo-intelligence, withered away the crystals on the surface, cured most of the corrupted wildlife, and gave the Seeding Protocol a 75% initialization rating.

Upon returning to the Sydus Spire, which now replaced Cretacion Hall, the group return to find Heili being teleported back to them with the artifacts implanted on her chest and back, giving her the ability to manipulate and even purify enhancelement. Thus she can teleport at will, read data and use technopathy like Santrago, turn to living data, and many other abilities. The Sydus Overwatcher claims that she's the new Sydus Overwatcher since she has passed her time and her original conscious is far too old to continue on, and when it finally dies, Heili is hooked into the Spire and now she has near-unlimited control of the Scyrian matrix. But the Scyr Overwatcher is not pleased and tries to execute her, but Heili is too powerful for him and she simply deletes him, obtaining access to the Scyr Spire and reunites them both, making the Cretacion Spire, the salvation point for the Scyrians. Santrago is able to sense all of this and afterward, he is finally resurrected as a biomechanical android, and gets married to Dinia. The four survivors name themselves the contemporary rulers of Ar Cretacion and build a new crew in the city, and swear on their lives to finish where Heili's mother left off: bring the Seeding Protocol to 100% initialization rating and successfully restore the Scyrian planet.

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