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Sasha Waybright

Sasha Waybright, also known as First Lieutenant Sasha, is the central antagonist of the 2019 Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. She serves as the central antagonist of the first two seasons and a major character in the third and final season.

She is a 13-year-old human girl who is the childhood friend of Anne Boonchuy and Marcy Wu. She formerly attended Saint James Middle School until her teleportation to Amphibia three months before, along with her two friends. She was the First Lieutenant yet still is Captain Grime's second-in-command as he plans to raid Newtopia in Season 2 after she saves him from General Yunnan. She is an assertive, often selfish, and very manipulative person who had nevertheless looked after her two friends and even convinced Anne to skip school to take the Calamity Box from a thrift shop for Anne's birthday. She is played by Anna Akana (Gloria and Ms. Cho in Big City Greens).

Role in the series

In the SAFA series, Sasha reprises her role, but she nevertheless had a change of heart in many methods including trying to find a different way to return home, as she joined Anne and the Plantars in their earlier non-canon adventures finding the Toads to be annoying at times. However, when Grime discovers this, he ends up feeding her rageberries, an Amphibian berry related to blueberries used by the Toads as an adrenal agent, to corrupt her. She soon continues to help the toads with the unexpected help of Grime's relative, Ungus.