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Sasha Waybright

Sasha Waybright, also known as First Lieutenant Sasha, is a character from the 2019 Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. She serves as the central antagonist of the first two seasons and a major character in the third and final season. She is a 13-year-old human girl and childhood friend of Anne Boonchuy and Marcy Wu who formerly attended Saint James Middle School with them until she would entice Anne into skipping school and going with Marcy, resulting in their teleportation to Amphibia. While Anne was sent to Wartwood, and Marcy to Newtopia, Sasha was sent to Toad Territory where she was held prisoner by Captain Grime, until she helped in defending Toad Tower from giant herons, making her the First Lieutenant and Grime's second-in-command. After Anne finally stands up to her in the Season 1 Finale, she seeks to help Grime as he plans to raid Newtopia in Season 2 after she saves him from General Yunnan. But throughout her path there, she begins having doubts, especially when she loses two of her toad friends, and in the Season 2 Finale, where she betrays Anne and Marcy, throwing away their friendship in the process, and helps the Toads take over Newtopia, as she and Grime discover that King Andrias has secret evil goals. Unable to convince Anne before it was too late, Andrias is given the Box and announces his plan to take over Amphibia and other worlds, while also learning that Marcy sent them to Amphibia on purpose to avoid moving away. In the end, Anne and the Plantars are sent back to her, and Marcy is stabbed by Andrias, while she manages to escape back to Wartwood, where she feels guilty and has to put her faults behind her when King Andrias begins his takeover. She thus rounds up Wartwood to form a resistance underground before Anne and the Plantars return. She is an assertive, often selfish, and very manipulative person who had nevertheless looked after her two friends and even convinced Anne to skip school to take the Calamity Box from a thrift shop for Anne's birthday, but as time went on, she began to redeem herself slowly and became a pivotal player in the fight against Andrias, realizing she is a better leader than Anne after trying to give her position to her afraid she might ruin their friendship again. She is played by Anna Akana (Gloria and Ms. Cho in Big City Greens).


Pre-Season 1

Sasha is revealed to be a manipulative troublemaker and her parents were hinted in 'A Very Froggy Christmas' to be divorced. Sasha would goad Anne and Marcy to skipping school, throwing parties, and getting anyone to do what she wants. She meets Anne and Marcy as kids after defending them from grown teenage bullies who steal their swing seats, albeit poorly. The day before Anne's birthday, she has the entire school of Saint James Middle hacked into a K-Pop dance party with puppies and was let off by Principal Murphy. The day after, Sasha defends Anne from a bully, and during a frog dissection in school, Sasha goads Anne into skipping school with her for her birthday. When Marcy texts them about a potential birthday gift, Anne is at first hesitant, but Sasha forces her to come and to steal the gift from the thrift shop, which is a mysterious music box. But upon opening it in the playground they met, the three friends get stranded in Amphibia.

Season 1

At the end of the second episode 'Best Fronds', Sasha is revealed to have been kept prisoner by the Toad Warriors of Toad Tower. But as time went on, in the episode 'Prison Break', Sasha has managed to manipulate her way with certain toads like Percy and Braddock, and even manages to convince their leader Grime to be more respectful to his men, while also saving them from a flock of tall toad-eating herons. She manages to get the toads' respect and becomes their trusted lieutenant.

In 'Reunion', Sasha reunites with Anne in Wartwood and brings along the Toad Army, goading a peaceful dinner party which is in actuality an assassination attempt on Hop Pop who had inadvertently instilled rebellions across Amphibia. Sasha admits this to Anne and this gets her to try and get everyone out. This ends with Anne and Sasha confronting each other with Sasha attempting to force her out of it until her friend Sprig calls her out for her manipulative behavior, and inspires Anne to finally stand up to her. Toad Tower is blown up, and Sasha nearly falls to her death, believing that Anne would be better off without her.

Season 2

After Toad Tower was destroyed, the Toad Army scattered, and Grime loses his edge while Sasha keeps training, while also trying to get Grime to stand back up with help from Percy and Braddick. Then later, the two are ambushed by a warrior newt from Newtopia named General Yunnan. Grime forces Sasha to admit her problems and gets his confidence back in the process, and they defeat Yunnan together. Thus they hatch a plan to take over Newtopia. They rebuild Toad Tower, and call upon the other Toad Lords to pitch this plan. The North Toad Tower Lord, Captain Aldo, decrees that they will join their side if she can get Barrel's Warhammer. She gains it upon the back of a narwhalworm, and while she gets the respect of everyone, she loses the trust of Percy and Braddick who leave her side, lowering her confidence.

In 'The Third Temple', Sasha reunites with both Anne and Marcy and helps them charge the third and final stone, with her and Grime hiding their goals of conquering Newtopia. The two stay in Wartwood for a while and have both a chaotic dinner party and a concert before they return to Newtopia. There, Sasha and Grime enact their plan betray them to take over Newtopia with the entire Toad Army and Toad Lords. Angered, Anne renounces her friendship with Sasha and she locks up when Sasha is unable to banish her back home with the box, also taking much of her confidence. She and Grime discover a hidden mural that reveals King Andrias' true goals, but Anne refuses to believe her warnings. She tries to fight her into submission and fails as Anne gives Andrias the box, only to learn that he plans to use the Box to conquer all worlds. He even forces Marcy to confess that she got Anne and Sasha stranded on Amphibia purposely because her parents were planning to move away. The group thus fight Andrias, but when Andrias tries to kill Sprig by dropping him out a window to his death, Anne ends up channeling her stone's power and manages to beat him, feeling drained in the process. Marcy opens a portal back to Earth for Anne and the Plantars to escape, but she get stabbed by Andrias in the process, even when Sasha and Grime try to stall him.

Season 3

In 'Turning Point', Sasha and Grime escape the events of 'True Colors' by jumping out the window and flying back to Wartwood on Marcy's bird Joe Sparrow. While Grime takes shelter in the Plantars' house, Sasha sleeps in the stables feeling guilty of causing Andrias' rise to power. She soon gains her confidence back when she discovers Anne's journal, and she admits the truth to all of Wartwood before they defend it from a large frog robot. She would proceed to train Wartwood into fighting as eventually Andrias would destroy it and drive the populace underground while the surface is thrown into a polluted lifeless industrial wasteland with robots, war machines, and mind-controlled fauna.

In 'Commander Anne', upon Anne and the Plantars' return to Wartwood, Sasha apologizes for her betrayal, and tries to have Anne become the new commander for the resistance as they storm a mind-controlling collar factory. With Anne proving unable to lead, Sasha is forced to admit she wants her to be commander because she still blames herself for causing the war. Yet, Anne manages to convince her she's more suited to being commander than her. Upon remembering about clues they gathered back on Earth, Anne, Sasha, and the Plantars go to Proteus, an underground city of olms, to meet Mother Olm, after saving Proteus from a drilling robot. Mother Olm tells them of a prophecy where three heroes wielding the stones would save them from 'the worst of Amphibian kind'. After gaining more allies, Sasha and the resistance finally storm Newtopia's flying castle, with Sasha and Anne talking about if they have been fair on Marcy which is why she got them stuck in Amphibia on purpose. But they discover that she has been assimilated by a collection of Amphibia's greatest minds in a unified mechanical consciousness called the Core.

The castle makes its way to Earth where they begin their invasion, but Sasha and her friends manage to escape, and team up with Anne's parents, who were not only trained to fight by Mr. X, but also managed to prepare the military for the invasion. They regroup for a plan at their old Saint James Middle School, and they split into two teams, with Sasha going after the Box and Marcy, while Anne goes out to defend LA. They find the castle's shield generator but are lured into a trap by Marcy, who fights her and Grime with a laser scythe. Grime saves Sasha and loses his arm in the process, and Sasha manages to cut the Core's connection to Marcy, saving her, admitting forgiveness for what she did.

Later, they return the castle to Amphibia, but the Core Helmet assimilates Amphibia's moon intending to ram it into Amphibia. Anne, Sasha, and Marcy decide to channel the stones' power one last time and they all get powers, but not before Mother Olm warns Anne of a contingency plan of using a secret spell that will destroy any foe at the cost of the user's life. When the Core proves too resilient, Anne takes the other two stones sending Marcy and Sasha away, and activates the secret spell, losing her life in the process. Yet Anne is returned to life, and offered shards of the stones to return home, but only for a one-use trip, meaning they cannot return to Amphibia. After saying their farewells to Amphibia, they return to Earth.

10 years later, Sasha is revealed to have gotten a psychologist degree and is a peer counselor for children with emotional baggage, yet retains much of her old tempered side.


Role in the series

In the SAFA series, Sasha reprises her role, but she nevertheless had a change of heart early on, starting off in some of Anne's earlier adventures, but when Grime discovers this, she is drugged with rageberries, an Amphibian berry that entices aggression and is an adrenal agent for the Toads. She soon continues to help the toads with the unexpected help of Grime's relative, Ungus. But after 'True Colors', Sasha finds herself unsure of who to blame besides Anne, Marcy, or herself, and considers friendship dangerous. It is also revealed that before arriving on Amphibia, after she tricked bullies into getting themselves in trouble, she grew to become a 'social queenpin' who throws social parties to create friendships and help others with Anne and Marcy, her inspirations, on her side hoping to be important and popular, albeit as selflessly as possible, all of which is a coping mechanism for the troubled childhood she gained from her parents' divorce and custody fights. Though she had some competition like Abe Bothers. Later, on Amphibia, she discovers that Extinctus, a mad endling god that The Core houses as his life support, brainwashed her parents into divorcing when he saw her a threat. Despite not perfectly doing so, she learns to get over these poisonous views by beating Ungus, who stole part of the Gem of Strength's full power to become a stronger golem and attempted to take over, through harnessing the Gem's power the same way Anne did in "True Colors". This 'pink power' gives her Herculean strength and invincibility, and therefore she reduced Ungus to a stone head after siphoning the stolen Gem of Strength power from him. However, using this pink power gives a high risk of injury, so she was confined to a rejuvenation tank afterward. But she has this power stolen from her later on, and yet she discovers quickly that she can steal it back by regularly defeating every robot that Extinctus sends their way. This in turn allows Marcy in her possessed state to increase her free will to fight back and weaken Extinctus' power over the other eight worlds. But after Marcy does this, a desperate Extinctus declares war on all nine worlds and reduces the surface to an apocalyptic wasteland, killing many innocent people. Upon Anne's return, she helps her go to the other worlds and free them from Extinctus' grasp.