Zoey S. Grey, AKA Sau, is an Alternate UUniversal Omnican, formerly Romoco, from Planet Thexus. She was once a colorful Crowned lemur/Sun-tailed Monkey-patterned procyontid that was as much in love with the ocean as her friend Sonny, who met her after saving her from a carnivorous seaweed in a kelp forest, but her parents were not only as overprotective as Sonny's, but they were downright terrified of the ocean since it was dangerous that they nearly died and Zoey's mother went into a 2-year-coma before they gave birth to Zoey, and they believed that Sonny was a bad influence on her, and when they shrugged them off to be together as best friends, a year later, Zoey died of a water-borne amoebic (amegic in AUU terms) illness known as water madness, or Amegas hydropsychosis, which terrified Sonny into fearing she'd be blamed by her parents to the point of legal action, and she had a period in her childhood since then where she lied about her death and kept it a secret for over a year, building an Omnican drone, and later deciding to put the brain of her preserved friend's body inside the Omnican, and the process was a success, and named her Sau after a tragic figure who lied about the death of a friend who was protected from the same danger she was into until the lies lead to destructive consequences. Thus, after coming to a balanced compromise, and after the family forgave her and didn't blame her for keeping the secret, the two moved onto being friends, especially when the grandfather of Zoey was not exactly as forgiving, leading to Sonny being sensitive of the event, and becoming stuck in science and the employment of Oxydome Enterprises, where she could try and forget about the event, and thought she couldn't hold a steady friendship again, all until she meets a surprisingly kind and supportive zongue named ZongueBob, who starts out falling in love with her upon meeting her, and after she helps stop Crokton as a result of him disturbing her lunch break from studying the Teadr 1 Oceons, the two start to open up to each other, albeit slowly, to where Sonny, under Sau's guidance, starts to share love back to ZongueBob.


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