Sava Sulma Sable
Vital statistics
Title Sava the Dangerous
Gender Female
Race/Species Green Macroconda (Eunemicrus greenus)
Faction Slithering Mafia Heir (Formerly)
Description Teenage, Bold, Sacrificial, Tough, Noble, Quick
Skills and Abilities Natural Snake Abilities, Semi-Aquatic Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Sable Wetforests, Adrinda (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Winxton System) (Homeland and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Sava S. Sable is an Alternate UUniversal Macroconda from Planet Adrinda. She is a young snake and the daughter of Crime Lord Seftin who served in his all-snake mafia, the Slithering Mafia, during the days when they robbed from the evil and gave to the good. However, she was shocked when the Villains Act killed her mother and blamed the murder on the Grand Council. When retaliation lead to the Mafia being obscured into darkness, as the only one who knew the truth, she was unable to convince her father nor get the Mafia back to it's true nature. Thus she had no choice but to leave the Mafia and become an independent antihero bounty hunter. She became an independent bounty hunter as her species was more comfortable working in a rainforest setting as her teenage age and size meant she could hardly maneuver herself without places of water. As time passed, she became a ruthless bounty hunter who strikes often times at night, all while protecting her father and herself from the clutches of the false hero Vincent the Magnificent. She still resides in the jungles hunting bad guys to this very day.


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