Savio is an Boa that is far more sneakier then Kaa himself (in fact, he is Kaa's adopted son, since Kaa's a Python, as tolded by the Cronitcler but he didn't say he is Lola Boa's brother and Viper's cousin, however, the addtional knowledge was unnessary, as the son of Kaa, this would automaticlly make Lola Boa his Sister and Viper his cousin though unlike Kaa, he doesn't have the power of hypnotisum) but he does have a plesent personality that hides his villainious nature but it never fools Skipper through his years of milatary expertise (and persistent paranoia), it helped revealed his tretorious nature.

In Spongebob and friends meet the Great Mouse Dectecive, he was Ratigan's pet, assuming that Ratigan and his thugs raided the transport truck while heading to new jersey after Ratigan somehow got to Amarica. He had the pleasure to serve as an executioner for Ratigan's enemies or any of his minions who called Ratigan a "rat", Savio finds it quite plesureable. He also does it singing Hexxus's 'Toxic Love' song.

Savio was defeated by the Penguins (and Bert, the elephant, like before, who was transported to London by the aliens, Monty and Seven11) and he was mentioned by Abbot mouse that he was being transported back to the Hoboken Zoo in Amarica from which he came from and it was even shown in a clip from the ending of "The Big Squeeze" that he tried to scare Alice, (or at least a transporter worker who looks like alice) as she states, "This isn't New Jersey, tough guy!" he is set to appear again, (after his first as a replacement of Felicia in Spongebob and Friends meet the great mouse dectecive) in Spongebob and friends meet Oliver and Company, where he might learn of Kaa being the father he thought had died. whether Savio will reform will depend on how the revel will play out, and if so, Savio will play on both ways, while he won't harm Kaa, Viper, Lola Boa, and Sir Hiss, he won't hestitate on others, and also intends on being a spy for Kaa on the leage, and may include Mr.Smee and the King of Hearts in on his secret spying shceme on the villain leage, tell them about the damage what Captain hook and the Queen of hearts are doing to the worlds, then give secret messages to Ignightus on what they are doing via the phoneroom of the villain leage. only time will tell how long this will last till Mirage gets wise on this, and Savio and his slected possie are force to excape. the reason Savio won't reform in a quicker stance is because he enjoys his partnership with Ratigan as his personal exicutioner for Ratigan's enemies or minions who offended Ratigan, and is fearful of Mirage's harsh punishments. Alcourse, once Savio learns of Kaa's exsitence, Savio may soon deside to put down the position and risk heavy punishment as a personal spy. then again, it's no secret Savio will appear as a villain for the first moisode of the Spyro series spin-off, and as one of the villains in the spongebob crossover of the thief and the cobbler, protraying as a double-agent till his disloyalty is discovered. No one knows why did Savio betrayed Kaa, Lola Boa and Viper but it's highly likely that he doesn't know he has realitives or even thinks that Kaa and Lola are alive from the freak monsoon. As of the sudden reveal in Oliver and Company, it seems that Hanz will be joining Savio in the spying scheme due to the fact that he, too, is a slave to the Villain League all because of the Hoboken incident.

Here's a shortened version of his history in the show:

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