Scala ad Caelum
Scala ad Caelum (Latin for "Stairway to Heaven") is an original world in Kingdom Hearts III. During the Age of Fairy Tales, Scala ad Caelum was the world known as Daybreak Town. The world is perpetually sunny and clear and considered breathtakingly beautiful, consisting of a nearly infinite number of mountain towns suspended on a body of water - stretching out as far as the horizon, though the "mountains" are composed entirely of glistening white and gold buildings - with a large citadel on the top of each mountain. Nearly every building in Scala ad Caelum has at least one windmill fixed atop it. Travel between the mountains is apparently achieved through numerous inter-connected cable cars, and via gondolas found by the piers. Submerged beneath the water, however, are the upside-down ruins of Daybreak Town. The battle against the Armored Master Xehanort partially takes place around the dilapidated remains of Daybreak Town's iconic clock tower.

Role in the series

Scala ad Caelum is revealed to birth worlds in other dimensions and is looked after by Outer Gods called Worlders, deciding their fate and setting with help from omnipresent beings like karma fairies.

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