Since the series finale of The Lion Guard, Scar is awarded for nearly destroying the Lion Guard, and now the Lion Guard had changed a lot since their final victory in the Tree of Life, where they have been living during the events of Lion King II (In Non-SAF Canon) as Kion is now the tree's king alongside his new love interest Rani of the Night Pride and the former Lion Guard Bunga, Ono, Anga, Beshte, and Fuli while being heralded by the junior High Council member and Rafiki's apprentice Makini. But then the Villain League has discovered something horrible to them: since everything that's happened, their former and reformed pawns Janja and Mzingo has started to learn about the truth of his involvement to Cobra and the others, and might be this close to learning about Fagin's true identity ever since the events of Battle of the Pride Lands when Scar left him to die in a fire with the Lion Guard out of fear of him switching sides. Thus, Cobra, Scar, and his remaining lackies Reirei, Kiburi, Ushari, and Shupavu and Nyeusi, who have no reason to continue respecting the Circle of Life even with Jasiri as the leader of the Outlands, have to find a way to keep the truth from him and everyone else fearing they'll be in more trouble, as they discover that Scar has new abilities since this event, as he only communicated to Janja and the others through his volcano avatar, while Fagin watched in secret. With Fagin seeing everything they've been through and knowing how much has changed, the Villain League decides to attack the Pride Lands at full force, something they haven't done in years, since the Lion Guard is no longer defending the Pride Lands. Though Fagin is put in charge of destroying the Tree of Life to ensure Kion's crew doesn't return, recruiting Makucha, Ora, Chuluun, and Mama Binturong to do it, and Zira ends up meeting a familiar face: her father Ugomvi, a former member of the Lion Guard before Scar's who gave him his scar with his cobra friend Chonge, as he reveals he wanted revenge on the Pride Lands for denying him everything he worked hard for his entire life because of the flaws of the Circle of Life dictating he had to be less reckless, having Scar as a powerful pawn. Even as someone who doesn't respect the Circle of Life, Zira didn't like what she heard from him as his plans for domination were akin to Kifo, the leader of an ancient evil lion pride defeated by the first Lion Guard lead by Askari and also gave Mwongo his wounded complexion in an ancient war, mad he wanted to use Scar like that. With that, Ugomvi also vows revenge on the Villain League for taking her daughter away with Chonge and his disabled batelaur slave Ovu. But as of the time of their attack, with Pride Landers able to defend their own land, it gives some tertiary enemies an opportunity: Mapato, a blue wildebeest who had tried to do the same thing before just like his late uncle Hasira did to chase out hyenas years ago, this time with the intent to chase all predators into the Outlands, seeing them as to blame for Scar's two reigns of destruction, aiming to do it with a dark mjuzi gelada named Ibilisi and a yellow-casqued hornbill named Fujo. But one last threat is on the horizon. There's a feral schizophrenic African wild dog named Kichaa on the hunt and a former friend of Reirei, unable to control her lost sanity. When all these threats target the Pride Lands and everywhere between, the biggest fight in the Pride Lands is on the horizon with help from the Shell Lodgers and the Jungle Crew, amongst old and new enemies, in a fateful battle at the Tree of Life.

New characters

Canon Characters

  • Askari- The leader of the first Lion Guard and second born son of Mohatu and brother of Makena. Despite being dead for thousands of years, he appears as a spirit to guide Kion to use the Roar of the Elders at it's full potential. Here he explains it's origin.
  • Makini- Rafiki's enthusiastic apprentice who is a junior High Council member and the future Royal Mjuzi, and the Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life.
  • Anga- A martial eagle and the new keenest of sight for the Lion Guard since Ono's sight was taken.
  • Queen Janna- A lion, the grandmother of Rani, and the previous leader of the Tree of Life. Though she passes away in 'Long Live The Queen', she still appears as a spirit.
  • Binga- A honeybadger and friend/girlfriend of Bunga from the Tree of Life.
  • Azaad- A cheetah from outside the Pride Lands who becomes a friend/boyfriend with Fuli.
  • Shujaa- A gorilla muscle from the mountains of the Pride Lands who despite causing damage has a good heart.
  • Tamaa- A drongo capable of imitating people's voices and turned over a new leaf, using his mimicry for good.
  • Kongwe- An African spurred tortoise and the wisest animal in the Pride Lands.
  • Kinyonga- A chameleon and a good spy for the Lion Guard.
  • Makuu- An arrogant and hot-headed Nile crocodile who is the leader of his float after he defeated Pua in a Mashindano, in which a crocodile challenges their leader to a fight to win their position. In Season 2, Makuu no longer causes trouble for the Lion Guard where he strives to become a better leader, but in this episode, he is corrupted once more, but not forever.
  • Reirei and Goigoi- Two thieving jackal parents from the Outlands who played innocent during the Kupatana Celebration when they celebrate the unity of animals in the Circle of Life to steal anything through careful manipulation until they were chased out. They used to admire Alpha Kgosi because they were friends with his descendant Kichaa.
  • Kiburi- An arrogant Nile crocodile who was part of Makuu's float. He and his followers defied Makuu's orders which led to them working with Ushari. While Kiburi challenged Makuu to a Mashindano, his three followers tried to attack Simba from behind only for the Lion Guard to intervene. Kiburi and his followers were kicked out of Makuu's float and were exiled to the Outlands by Simba, with Kiburi vowing to have his revenge someday. Upon running into Ushari again, Kiburi and his followers were led to where Scar's spirit is and formed an alliance with him.
  • Ushari- An Egyptian cobra who teams with Janja to awaken Scar as revenge for the Lion Guard trampling him, and administers the poisonous scar on Kion's face before falling to his death in the volcano.
  • Shupavu and Nyeusi- Two skinks that act as spies for Ushari and Scar.
  • Mpishi- A harrier hawk who hunts for new meals anywhere.
  • Sumu- A scorpion under Scar's loyalty that almost killed Simba with his venom before he was cured with the volcanic ash from Scar's volcano.
  • Kenge- A monitor lizard who paralyzed and put up a challenge for the Lion Guard.
  • Makucha- A cunning and devious leopard from the Backlands. While he has appeared in the episodes of the series before, Makucha becomes the main antagonist of Season 3, starting with the episode "The Harmattan." After hearing from Makini excitedly talking all about the Tree of Life and the rare animals, Makucha uses that info to make a new goal to sneakily follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life so that he could feast on the rare animals.
  • Chuluun- A cunning and sneaky snow leopard. First encountered by the Lion Guard in the mountains in the episode "Ghost of the Mountain," Chuluun eventually is defeated for the first time as the Lion Guard fight back against her alongside a group red pandas. After her defeat, however, she encounters Makucha and joins him to follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life.
  • Ora- A ferocious Komodo dragon who is the leader of his bank. First encountered by the Lion Guard on an island in the episode "Dragon Island," Ora is eventually defeated after Kion used the Roar to escape the island. But little did the Lion Guard know that Ora survived and has joined Makucha and Chulunn to follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life.
  • Mama Binturong- A sneaky and arrogant binturong crime boss who lives in the stone forest.
  • Ugomvi- The unnamed lion that got Scar his namesake scar from his cobra friend Chonge and Zira's father. He serves as a secondary antagonist.
  • Chonge- The unnamed cobra that gave Scar his namesake scar for his friend Ugomvi.
  • Mgumu, Risasi, Mshindo, and Ongeza- The former members of Scar's Lion Guard lost in the most treacherous of the Outlands for years.

Original Characters

  • Furaha- A starry-eyed giraffe and the granddaughter of Qamar that espires to bring better kinship to all animals. She would rather believe in the best even in the worse of folks.
  • Kubwa- Furaha's cynical and skeptical serious oryx friend who believes that hoping for change only leaves room for disappointment and that reality always has the final say over idealism. Though doubtful of Furaha's beliefs, he does care for her under that stern skeptic exterior.
  • Kali- An okapi descending from the Backlands and resident stern jerk of the Tree of Life that served as Janna's advisor and ambassador for far-off lands including her ancestral home land. While she respected Janna, she believes Rani's not yet ready for the respondsability for caring for the Tree of Life, along with being nag-happy and strict to Kion for being an outsider who got into an impourent position 'only because of ill-fate'. It isn't to say she doesn't care for Rani, it's just that she's a very serious and ordely okapi and is trying to prevent the Tree of Life from going into choas with Janna departed.
  • Ndefu- A Kaa-esque rock python that can literally be described as Kali's butt-kisser that typically backs up what Kali says and believes in, though he's also an utterly clumsy doofus and getting his tail stuck to things.
  • Mapenzi- An Egyptian cobra and the sister of Ushari as well as the Tree of Life Representive for snakes that wants to encourage better relations for all the bigotry snakes always suffered following the death of her brother.
  • Amani- A sagely Oogway-like ostrich that was a friend of Janna and her royal magic user that typically visits the Tree of Life after many times of meditating to be connected to the universes. He gives Kion and Rani the best advice when things get tough.
  • Nyingi- A marabou stork resident of the Tree of Life that believes that it could hold the secret to eternal life and even access the Spirit Realm, trying many eccentric but annoying ways to access those claimed secrets.
  • Fupi- Nyingi's African penguin assistant from the penguin lands of the Tree of Life and a friend of Penguino that works with the eccentric stork, but not without sarcastic quips and some face-flipper-palming.
  • Akija- Nyingi's more supportive female pelican assistant and an extremely positive one at that. She is however hapless and clumsy.
  • Kifo- The leader of the evil lions that Askari defeated long ago. Though he is not alive nor makes an appearance aside from flashbacks, he leaves seeds for another evil to finish where he left off.
  • Ovu- A bateleur and the enslaved scout for Ugomvi who has a hernia limiting his flight that gives out when he is distressed.
  • Kichaa- A feral schizophrenic African wild dog and the current descendant of Alpha Kgosi and an old friend of Reirei before being exiled apart from each other drove her insane from grief, sadness, and rage.
  • Mapato- A wildebeest and the nephew of the long-deceased Hasira, the infamous wildebeest who lead a revolution of all Pride Landers to exile all the hyenas to the Outlands/Elephant Graveyard. He serves as a tertiary antagonist, aiming to take over the Pride Lands from the lions so they can run the Circle of Life their way.
  • Ibilisi- A gelada and Mapato's Dark Mjuzi who used to be a student for Rafiki's father Olufemi before believing the Circle of Life sometimes had to be broken to make peace since the Pure Hyenas got to his head.
  • Fujo- A Yellow-casqued hornbill and former friend of Zazu's mother Zuzu who agrees with Mapato's views and serves as his advisor.

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The Lion Guard Bring Back a Legend song The Rise of Scar

The Lion Guard Bring Back a Legend song The Rise of Scar

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Lion King - Simba Vs Scar (Edited and Extended)

Final Battle

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