Scamvy G. Essephemer, AKA Scavymaster, is an Alternate UUniversal Junkogont from the Moon of Epho. He is a gigantism-ridden silicovorous (metal-eating) synapsid who has a bad scarred eye, and runs an entire scavenger-based manufacturing business called ScavyTech, which is run by a group of scavengers that are known to be nicknamed 'Scavies', who live a sad miserable existence of hoarding, looting, and scavenging like Jawas, and even bring in Thabes as their primary pinnacle workforce, and the higher officers are all Monacosaurs from a very elaborate hobo family called the Trausch Family, particularly their family leader and his right-hand man Austra Addo Spice Trausch, that specialize in such a thing and lived, or live, in the system's biggest dump located in Epho called the Mogolleo Dumpvalley named after the family itself before it changed it's name to Trausch, and do what they want with it including manufacturing useful things, albeit competing with the BanditTech company run by Gozzog the Corporate, especially since the two formed an alliance during the Banditry Movement making him the leader of the 'Scavenger Guild'. Because of the two having a competition as strong as Armatage and Huncus in the past, their products have similar but different designs, and their rivalry still stands strong even today.


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