Saldaron, an exsample of the Schrodingers.

are Outer Gods that resemble cats and the true personification of the concept of Schrödinger's cat, the theory where something happens and yet doesn't happen, a probability paradox. These creatures are the true race of Saldaron, and they have the ability to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and can often induce paradoxical separations of certain and uncertain. But the catch of such a power is that in order to maintain it, the user has to be self-aware of all possibilities, otherwise they will all erase the user into temporal abstraction. People that are trapped in a probability paradox, however done, are called Schrödinger avatars, and there are two types: Stable, in which the avatar is self-aware of the paradoxes and can therefore control their powers, and Unstable, where the avatar is not self-aware and is this an abstract figure comprised of infinite timeline counterparts occupying the same space. Turning an Unstable Schrödinger Avatar into a Stable Avatar is fairly easy, as time lords have developed a technique called 'Schrödinger therapy', in which one makes the unstable avatar question how they know something they don't know or about an event that hasn't or didn't happen yet, increasing their awareness until they finally know about the paradoxes. The Schrödinger effect is a very effective power in time travel, as it allows time travelers to have temporal immunity to changes in the timeline, among other uses.
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