Scibton Sharek

Scibton Csain Shale

Scibton C. Shale is an Alternate UUniversal Muzagroo from Planet Extroy. He was known to have been an orphan raised in a cyberpunk society which originated from the technologies of the now-defunct Globex Warnomics, and voluntarily allowed himself to become a powerful android made of durable metals such as neutronium, and was one of many that were supposed to fight during the Interuniversal War during it's late days. But when Globex Warnomics ended up shutting down due to excessive budget and surplus, and also falling victim of a foul-tempered general that was an extremely poor representation of the Legion, Scibton was particularly upset that he wouldn't fight for justice, and disappeared 4 days after the disappearance of former GW CEO, Gryson Maan. Scibton was given greater improvements including a long-lasting energy shield coating his body, and was made Gryson's top mercenary, aiding him to get revenge on the Legion for taking away his opportunities besides the other robot soldiers in his disposal. Though his biggest concern is with the seemingly-mythical Team Positron. Soon, Scibton will use his new abilities to their fullest when dealing with these crazed heroes. Scib strongly sympathieses with Gryson's troubles cause of not wanting to be declaired useless and for being robbed of that porpose because of "alternate opitions", and even believed that Gryson and himself could've destroyed the Villains Act before Peerdon ended up congured, and certainly would've lasted WAY longer then how one of it's replacements were trashed. He's not by all means ignorent to the other reason was because of Gryson being abit of a greedy gus, but he justifives it as "What businessmen HASN'T been alittle greedy for money?", as well as "He's STILL better then the basturds in the Legion who desided that people like him and I aren't useful anymore because of alternatives to maintaining order?!". Like something out of a cheesy comic book, he always likes to appear into the scene shouting "SCIBTON SHAAAAAALE?!" as he either busts through a wall or epicly lands on his feet after jumping from a Maan Incorperated shuttle.


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As a Muzagroo, Scibton is capable of jumping high altitudes and jumping at great bursts of speed. His kicks and punches are powerful and precise, he has good hearing and sight, he can naturally stand on his tail, and he has learned a significant martial art developed on Sioephus by macropods like him called Kjohnga Fmu, which pushes the macropod's body and skills to their absolute limits and allows them to do unique tricks.

Since becoming an android, he has become more powerful in his senses and skills. His strength is increased as he can punch and/or kick an opponent off at vast distances, he can catch projectiles and gunfire out of thin air and use them against an opponent in various ways, he has increased agility, speed, stamina, endurance, durability, reflexes, he can often times defy gravity and laws of physics, and he is coated with a recharging energy shield that takes a long time and a ton of firepower to wear down, making him nearly indestructible. He even has augmented sight as he can identify anything he sees, smells, or hears, and even functions as an ultraviolet vision and infrared vision function, as well as an imaging system that allows him to tap into networks such as the OmniNet and track his opponents this way.

While he doesn't prefer it, he can sometimes find himself using any weapon he can find, even managing to carry weapons often too heavy and powerful for normal people. His android composition allows his aim and accuracy to be heightened.

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