Scooty Calahan Byrnstone

Scooty C. Byrnstone, nicknamed Scoot, is an Alternate UUniversal Oeka from Planet Uridia. He is a rabbit/kangaroo-like metatherian mechanic, and a member of a vehicle manufacturing-family, as well as a former racer and arena owner who now provides vehicles for people all over the Beofynzeny System in his Get-A-Ride (GAR) Digital Stations, especially the Vault Seekers in his residence in Fyregem. Growing up in a junky road town known as Pepper-Steak Junction, he mentioned being named after one of his sisters, and has a vehicle manufacturing father who is the side of the family that holds such a long-running title, and a combat racer mother who died thanks to the craziness of Mad Man Mayhem, and a stepmother who was a tough and rowdy car-sports athlete. He has a bit of a silly personality, is most renowned and recognized for his Southern accent and stylistic speech, and likes to go crazy and go to daredevilish lengths when driving, embracing the adrenaline rush of his former racing career out in the wide-viewed Dohl Lands, which was previously owned by the Dohl Weapon Corporation when it still did work here. He has a large and big-breasted sister named Ellyra who runs a shipyard in a rundown sector of the Beofynzeny System in a city called Descent. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Scooter, and has a similar personality.


Scoot was born in a junky road town called Pepper-Steak Junction, born to the vehicle-manufacturing father carrying the family name of Byrnstone, and a combat racer mother who was killed after giving birth to him and his sister Ellyra by Mad Man Mayhem. PS Junction was a city built atop a large Uridian complex of twisting roads and made it a road-built city. This place held annual races as a result and also made it one of the top vehicle-manufacturing capitals of the Beofynzeny System. He and Ellyra both grew up watching these races and became fascinated with vehicles. Thus the two swore to carry on their family legacy of vehicle manufacturing, which is ironically how the Byrnstone family always got inspired to create vehicles. Both created their first vehicles at early ages, yet while Ellyra was good at building heavyweight vehicles for heavy-duty resistance to damage and raw driving power, Scoot was good at building lightweight vehicles useful for elusiveness and stunts. This helped the two stand as great vehicle champions as they became the Byrners, which excelled in racing for Scoot, demolition derbies for Ellyra, and even having their own arena called the Byrnrubber Arena.

They succeeded in this business for years, as Ellyra became a glutton and obtained the obese figure she has now because she wanted to be 'as heavyweight as her vehicles'. It nevertheless worked. But then their business was ruined when their newly-gained stepmother came in and stole the family name, intent on conquering all vehicular sports that she shared a fondness and even an obsession for as a tough and rowdy car-sports athlete. The two were cast out into the Dohl Lands, which was previously owned by the Dohl Weapon Corporation when it still did work here. Lost in the harsh deserts, the two found a small city called Descent, which is a dumpyard vehicle, shipyard, ship graveyard, black market area where the worst of criminals went to tune up their vehicles, and do illegal vehicular combat sports like gladiator demolition derbies and races, all while placing bets on the side. When intending to leave this corrupt place, they both found out about Mad Man Mayhem tearing down the Byrnrubber Arena and turning it into his new fortress, and thus forced into making this their home. Though they had to do it by making it a better place.

Ellyra founded a secret garage where she helped trespassers intent on bringing law to Descent blend into the hostile landscape after getting stranded there. But even though they succeeded eventually by having all their refugees join forces to shut down the criminal underworld, most of Descent was destroyed, and Scoot was briefly separated from Ellyra, as they were free-riding to celebrate their partial victory and got ambushed by Mad Man Mayhem when he finally killed their stepmother and sought the two out. Thus the two separated siblings made lives of their own. Scoot returned to PS Junction at last while Ellyra stayed behind because of her frustration at her family for her bad eating habits and that she blamed them for what happened to the Byrnrubber Arena. The two lived beneficial lives. While Ellyra would help hundreds of lone rangers get past criminal-infested driveways, Scoot would continue the family legacy and help his father revolutionize their vehicle manufacturing with Digistruction technology, and found the iconic GAR Stations all over the Beofynzeny System. Though he and his sister would reunite because of their bond, they still felt they had changed too much to go back to the way things were.

But he found himself unable to stay in PS Junction because of Mad Man Mayhem aiming to steal his business. He had to relocate it with help from Ellyra, the Vault Seekers, and people from Fyregem. He left the HQ abandoned, but he also made the business self-sustaining, as in it wasn't a business anymore. It was merely thousands of autonomous GAR Stations that only he and his sister could control because of their DNA signatures. Ellyra remained in Descent while Scoot would grow to live in Fyregem to hide from Mad Man Mayhem. He has been a friend of the Vault Seekers ever since.


  • "Get-A-Riiiiiiiiiiide!"
  • "Smokin' Arbasus titty-cinnamon! That is a MONSTER OF A VEHICLE! That's gonna be sweet! I'll sell my goddamn synthehol for something like THAT!"
  • "I've been working with vehicles for so long, I find them as sexy as a gynoid! Some of my ancestors have even went to Autores and RAPED ONE OF IT'S INHABITANTS... You know... Because they're talkin' cars?"
  • "We Byrnstones liked to do a lotta fun things in our lives, even when we were too young to drive. We bullseye Pygmy Brakks, make roadkill for us to cook, run over douche-nozzles, we do wheelies, we were famous combat racers and make sexy vehicles, we are masters of anything vehicle and vehicle sport. We're The Hazzards on F****** STEROIDS!!!"
  • "Oh, THAT is a funny story! Had him fired from his job by sabotaging his commercial. Keep it in case I wanna entertain myself in other ways than being a roadhog. I ain't worried for him coming for revenge. Why? MUTHAF****R WAS KILLED BY A EZZOY BANDIT AND EATEN FOR LUNCH!! (Dry laughs)"
  • "(Seeing SpongeBob's poor driving skills)... WOW! You and I should hang out sometime. We'll go pop-a-wheeling sometime. (Later, as they were stranded in a desert and out of gas)... Okay, I take it all back. You suck at driving."
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