Scooty Calahan Byrnstone

Scooty C. Byrnstone, nicknamed Scoot, is an Alternate UUniversal Oeka from Planet Uridia. He is a rabbit/kangaroo-like metatherian mechanic, and a member of a vehicle manufacturing-family, as well as a former racer and arena owner who now provides vehicles for people all over the Beofynzeny System, especially the Vault Seekers in his residence in Fyregem. Growing up in a junky road town known as Pepper-Steak Junction, he mentioned being named after one of his sisters, and has a vehicle manufacturing father who is the side of the family that holds such a long-running title, and a combat racer mother who died thanks to the craziness of Mad Man Mayhem, and a stepmother who was a tough and rowdy car-sports athlete. He has a bit of a silly personality, is most renowned and recognized for his Southern accent and stylistic speech, and likes to go crazy and go to daredevilish lengths when driving, embracing the adrenaline rush of his former racing career out in the wide-viewed Dohl Lands, which was previously owned by the Dohl Weapon Corporation when it still did work here. He has a large and big-breasted sister named Ellyra who runs a shipyard in a rundown sector of the Beofynzeny System in a city called Descent. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Scooter, and has a similar personality.


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  • "Catch a Riiiiiiiiiiide!"
  • "The ladies say that Scooty's the fastest ride in town. Catch-A-Ri... Oh, s***! I just realized that's an insult."
  • "S*** and meatballs! Didn't think I'd ever see your dumb ass again! Did you really kick that Erksome Jaxtom's furry-canyon ass? Did that Steelea chick take her clothes off yet? I need details though."
  • "Smokin' Arbasus titty-cinnamon! That is a MONSTER OF A VEHICLE! That's gonna be sweet! I'll sell my goddamn synthehol for something like THAT!"
  • "My daddy always said wheels were better than heels."
  • "I've been working with vehicles for so long, I find them as sexy as a gynoid! Some of my ancestors have even went to Autores and RAPED ONE OF IT'S INHABITANTS... You know... Because they're talkin' cars?"
  • "We Byrnstones liked to do a lotta fun things in our lives, even when we were too young to drive. We bullseye Pygmy Brakks, make roadkill for us to cook, run over douche-nozzles, we do wheelies, we were famous combat racers and make sexy vehicles, we are masters of anything vehicle and vehicle sport. We're The Hazzards on F****** STEROIDS!!!"
  • "Oh, THAT is a funny story! Had him fired from his job by sabotaging his commercial. Keep it in case I wanna entertain myself in other ways than being a roadhog. I ain't worried for him coming for revenge. Why? MUTHAF****R WAS KILLED BY A EZZOY BANDIT AND EATEN FOR LUNCH!! (Dry laughs)"
  • "(Seeing SpongeBob's poor driving skills)... WOW! You and I should hang out sometime. We'll go pop-a-wheeling sometime. (Later, as they were stranded in a desert and out of gas)... Okay, I take it all back. You suck at driving."
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