Scoro is an Alternate UUniversal Zewinsaur from Planet Zewishku. Being among the strongest and most legendary breeds of his kind, a Chrome Zewinsaur, which can use all elemental magic breaths and all magics, and is thus a very rare breed given how the magic and the breath of Zewinsaurs work, he was raised in a foster family of dracthonflies with an adopted brother named Buzzy since an attack brought on by a rogue Zewinsaur named Malefice, the first Chrome Zewinsaur in history, who became evil by trading away his natural inability to be corrupted in exchange for the power to save his people, resulting in his turn to evil after slaying his threat brutally, and declaring a war of absolute peace. Thus, under the watch of Zewinsaur Guardians, he learned of Malefice's top pawn, a corrupted young Grey Zewinsaur named Drynder, who was taken after being prophesized to be a breed just as renowned as Scoro's, as Grey Zewinsaurs are able to use Equinox magic, a balance between light and dark magic, to control their elemental breaths. Scoro rescues her from Malefice's control, and after living together and falling in love for 2-in-a-half years defending their home, they were captured and chained together, and still they fought their way to Malefice, and though they believe they killed him after he nearly tears apart Zewishku in global earthquakes and a Precambrian-style process to reshape the world into his image, he spontaneously lived and joined The Villain Legion as a secret benefactor, and thus helped them get Drynder back, resulting in the supposed death of Buzzy and the disappearance of Scoro, as Drynder would serve with the Villain Legion until the Clam Lounge Squadron found them and saved them, making them a part of their crew, and vowing to help find Malefice and bring him to justice. He is the AUU version of Spyro.


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Scoro is a Zewinsaur, a sentient draconian being that is proficient in magic, matter, and the elements via their quantum breath which allows them to cast spells and breath, and in some instances manipulate, any of the elements, four states of matter, and quantum mana for any spell, and even breath them like a science fiction blaster, firing beams of energy, lasers, plasma and fire, water and ice, electricity and magnetism, earth and rock, can slow down time to improve his reaction time, and can detonate his inner energy like a detonator. He perfected Zewin Kata, a martial art where Zewinsaurs use their physical and magic skill to their fullest. He can fly at immense speeds and agility, and he even learned aether and nether, which are 50x more compatible with magic and therefore enhances his spells and elemental powers, striking with energy comparable to an atom smasher. But like any other Zewinsaur, he requires a diet of mana crystals to replenish this power.

Like his OUU counterpart, he makes good use of his literal steel claws and horns, which can strike with immense force. His scales are of a keratin-steel composition and therefore can resist any form of high energetic damage and insulate electricity to enhance his own physical capabilities.

Scoro is a breed of Zewinsaur called a Chrome Zewinsaur, which is capable of using all forms of elemental magic breath through the use of all forms of magic. The brightness and darkness of a Zewinsaur indicates how strong a Zewinsaur's elemental power is. Scoro, however, is a unique kind of Chrome Zewinsaur that can combine these elemental magics in many unlimited forms.


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