The Scourge Rebellion is a freedom-fighting resistance situated on Spherus Magna, the homeworld of the races of BIONICLE. These rebels consist of Toa, Turaga, and other Matoran who first fought against the tyranny of Emperor Fang back when the The Fang Empire was alive. But the threat got worse when Dark Dragon took over and turned the Fang Empire into The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire, as Dark Dragon was a far better and smarter mastermind than the bumbling Fang, and thus made the fight against the power of Makuta, the Darkspawn lord of machinery and Spherus Magna's worst threat, much difficult.


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  • Mata Nui- The brother of Makuta who had been betrayed by him out of jealousy and left on Bara Magna to find his way back home, and had eventually found it when discovering what Makuta's power is being used for.
  • Takanuva- An Av-Matoran disguised as a Ta-Matoran named Takua and found the Mask of Light to rediscover his original identity to defeat Makuta.
  • Vakama- An aged Turaga who had in his time saved Metra Nui from Makuta with five friends.
  • Nivawk- A former member of the Scourge back when it was still the Fang Empire who had reformed and joined the fight as a spy.
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