Scratch (AUU)

Scratch Pride

Scratch Pride is an Alternate UUniversal semi-sentient Cauter from Planet Animolity. He is a lion-like animal living on a world with no sentient beings and semi-sentient and non-sapient animals, Scratch was the brother of the world's king King Leonus, and the uncle of Prince Pride. He is a scarred and scratched individual and a former commander of Leonus' Cauter Guard, and fought against his brother in the war against the enemy nation of the Malfils, or hyena-like creatures. However, he ended up making friends with a Malfil named Morgue, and after discovering similarities and desperate situations the two nations shared, they tried to find a way to establish peace. But the Cauter peers fail to listen to reason, and have Morgue ousted and Scratch demoted as commander. Utterly betrayed since he was previously denied as the heir to the throne, Scratch has since swore revenge after having had enough, and teams up with Morgue to have it done, as Morgue has declared this act of failed communication an act of war. Thus, the two killed each other's rulers, Morgue killing Leonus within a gorge with a Crubho (Multi-rough-horned rhino creatures) stampede orchestrated by his three top commanders Zhensi, Bongki, and Hud, while Scratch brutally murdered Morgue's good-natured brother Worthius. With the blame being pinned on Prince Pride, being chased off into exile and being raised by a comical duo named Timm and Boomba. Scratch, now being dubbed the king, and the same being done for Morgue in his kingdom, the two decide to form an alliance. However, this alliance leads to a warlike nation that starts a world war, resulting in massive famine, drought, starvation, and poverty. However, he and Morgue are put in their place thanks to the Clam Lounge Squadron. He is essentially the AUU version of Scar.


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