Scroam T. Hoomthcus, AKA Screwballer, is an Alternate UUniversal Jokedon from Planet Jokalivia. He was someone who loved jokes just as much as all of Jokalivia did, except he loved it too much for it to be unacceptable to fellow Jokalivians to the point he's actselly unpopular for his pranks in a twist of very sad irony. Proven by a very unhealthy mental state, he is infamous for making practical jokes that go beyond acceptable humor lengths for even the mellow Jokalivians, as they're usually okay with anything. The most infamous is what earned him his nickname 'Screwballer', The Screwball Device, also referred to as just the 'Screwball', a powerful and destructive expy of the Great Attractor's ball from Men in Black that's also indestructible, never stops ricocheting from surface to surface with each impact being heavy, and almost impossible to catch without injury. Given his mental illness, Scroam truly meant no intentional harm as he had a father who raised him the wrong way as his more child-oriented mother died in a terrible joke-based accident, but his device did cause panic and a power outage serious enough to earn him Heroes Act attention and intervention, which lead to him being taken to a rehabilitative asylum on Oranos in an impromptu exile from Jokalivia and the confiscation of the Screwball, which the heroes were never able to destroy or dispose of to the point it is rendered useless to do so, so they were forced to surrender it to the Shell Lodgers for their Forbidden Basement, hopefully to never see the light of day again.


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