Scroop was one of the original founding members of the Villain League and was formerly the Dragon to Long John Silver in Treasure Planet. after John Silver's reformnation, Scroop is the new leader of the space pirates, who are also in service to the villain leage.

Treasure Planet[1]Edit

He first appears when the ship's cabin boy, Jim Hawkins accidentally eavesdrops on the crews's plans for a mutiny. Scroop discovers the boy and attempts to kill him, but the captain, John Silver comes into the room and stops him. Mr. Arrow then scolds Scroop for his behavior, and when Mr. Arrow turns around, the wicked alien makes a deep scowling face, foreshadowing Mr. Arrows upcoming fate.

Later, during a supernova, Captain Amelia assigns Jim Hawkins to secure everyone's lifelines. Scroop cuts Mr. Arrow's rope and sends him flying to his death in the black hole. Scroop then sadly tells the news to Captain Amelia who blames Jim for Mr. Arrow's death. When Silver comforts Jim, Scroop senses a weakness in the cyborg, and decides to take advantage of it. While the crew talks about the mutiny, Scroop harasses Silver in front of the alien pirates about his soft spot, but Silver insists that he does not. Jim, who is hiding in a barrel, hears this, not knowing that Silver was just trying to save himself from Scroop's wrath.

Scroop's final scene is when Jim, B.E.N, and Morph are trying to retrieve the map on the R.L.S Legacy. Scroop chases and fights Jim, but Ben (accidently) saves Jim by pulling the gravitation wire of the ship, sending the wicked alien to his death in the void of space.

Role in the Villain League

After his demise at the hands of Jim Hawkins, Scroop was resurrected by the Dark Powers of Facilier to help form the Villain League alongside the Cheetahs. Scroop was eventually pressed into service of Malefor and helped to re-recruit his former boss, Long John Silver, on orders to provide reinforcements for the growing darkness. During final battles of movies involving him, he is usually beaten through stock footage in the same matter as his first demise, by being knocked into space by Po. Scroop is also in league with Kin Einmortal and Clockwerk to conquer the world of Sly Cooper, though with desires of your typictal space pirate, him wanting riches, and alcourse, personal payback on Jim Hawkens, it could be possable that he and the evil clone impersonating a TV villain are trying to get the world corrupters on the side of the leage, however unclear wheater they know or are aware of Zurg's simular intentions, or if they even have a plan to make Zurg look like a blundering fool infront of Kin Emmoral. In part 5, he barely appeared to briefly scare Sly Cooper, sending the Karkats to try and destroy him before leaving through teleportation to go find Sir Raleigh.

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