Scroop Heartless

Scroop's Heartless

Scroop was among the villains abducted by Frollo's Nobody and to be consumed by Master Xehanort's overwhelming darkness. Scroop was actually the hardest to change because, ironically, despite being known as a traitor due to his actions in Treasure Planet, Scroop was a die hard loyalist thanks to years of being obedient and that he was among the league's earliest founders. So, Scroop was one of the few individuals that was highly resistent to the Xehanort heart shard trying to consume him from within. However, thanks to Master Xehanort's intervention, Scroop was finally consumed by the darkness, and was split into a hideous Heartless Lord and a mutated Gambler Nobody with crab claws and legs

The Heartless of Scroop, nicknamed the Spider Psycho, was unsentient, wild, and violent, due in part thanks to Scroop's own inate treachery to others and greed for treasure. This led Ansem the Seeker to try and use whatever spells necessary at the moment to try and rear the Spider Psycho back under the control of the Xehanorts. It was let loose on the Treasure Planet worlds when the Cycle happened, bringing with it the Crab Gambler Nobody and an entire swarm of Pirate Heartless. Jim Hawkins was able to defeat Scroop's Heartless thanks to help from the lougers, allowing Sora to slay the monster and its Gambler Guardian at the same time in order to reforge the original Scroop. Although Scroop warned everyone that he still has intentions to have them all pay for humiliating him, he did bear some gratitude for freeing him from his unfavorable predicament, and actually wished them luck in killing Xehanort.

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