Sceen Gax Thunger, AKA Scroungy

Sceen G. Thunger, nicknamed Scroungy, is an Alternate UUniversal Nanowe from Planet Sioephus. He started off as a spy for the Sioephus Rangers who's size allowed him to be almost invisible. But when Master Ganali threatened his hometown, he decided to become a member of the Sioephus Rebellion, and quickly made friends with Byron Buster. He also developed a crush on the former bounty hunter Selera Lobe. When Ganali was defeated, Scroungy became good friends with Byron's group. He soon joined the Two Up Society as soon as the Villains Act came to an end. He is a serious crackpot with the personality of Tito, and his size means that he can crawl into tight spaces, but not quite be an advantage in fighting.


Sceen was born on the outback planet of Sioephus, where he was raised by school teachers of different schools. He had his very cranky personality even back then. While he was almost good with the girls, his size meant that he got picked on by bullies. However, he does hide from them every day, but even that doesn't help. Even self-defense didn't work since biting someone got him suspended, leaving him powerless to do anything about the problem. This lead to him getting into more trouble trying to solve the problem, including using offensive language, blackmailing, and even framing. No matter what he did, his problems would never be resolved. But he did earn the heart of a muscular female named Salnina, who swore to defend him. But before she could, she was threatened with death by the bullies. Having had enough, Sceen decides to file a lawsuit, successfully getting the bullies sent to juvenile hall, and saving his girlfriend.

Sceen and Salnina had been together for almost a year after graduation. All the bullies had come back from juvenile under restraining orders of the two of them. But while Sceen was sure that they wouldn't be a problem, one bully ends up murdering Salnine in the night, violating his restraining order, and while he knew he would be sent to jail for it, he at least had the confidence of having Sceen pay for everything. Heartbroken, Sceen decided to avenge his deceased girlfriend by preventing anything just as horrible by joining the Sioephus Rangers. He even made a few new friends out of it, and despite being a bit of a pervert and a flirt to people like Taila Baxis, he was useful for his size, being able to crawl in small spaces, and sabotaging weapons, making him claim that he showed bullies like the murderer of his old girlfriend what being small could help you do.

However, when Master Ganali first invaded Sioephus, a new member came in the form of a gunslinger bounty hunter named Selera Lobe, whom he falls madly in love with. Though he didn't make a very good first impression when trying to introduce himself, getting him embarrassed and reminding him of his oppressive past. But it didn't stop him from trying to introduce himself better. However, his behavior ended up getting in the way every time. Even in the battle against Ganali, this caused him to make mistakes that almost cost him his career. So he ended up quitting with his obsession since it was no longer worth it. However, Selera ends up discovering his past, and decides to help him fight by respecting him like she was in love with him. This convinces him to help in inevitably defeating Ganali, as well as Doombug and Aqua Regia, of which he needed to learn how to swim. When the Villains Act inevitably got disbanded, Scroungy decides to join the new taskforce called the Two Up Society, happy that his old girlfriend is proud of him.

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