The Alicorn of Life herself actually calls the Mane Heroes through the map to tell them that she's made a huge discovery: her four past daughters are still alive. These daughters, Vernal Season, Estival Season, Autumnal Season, and Hibernal Season, have been revealed to be trees just like her, as Vernal is a beautiful rejuvenating cherry blossom tree in the open Vernal Fields of Equestria, Estival is a giant umbrella-shaped tree around a forest near Horseshoe Bay that centers a clear and cool swimming hole of magic water, Autumnal is a giant magic color-changing tree in the Smokey Mountains that nurtures animals and crops at magical levels, and Hibernal is a beautiful willow tree similar to the ones in Frozen outside Vanhoover that lives in an enchanted forest called the Hibernal Forest. The heroines and the tagging Lodgers, Healthy and Springtime decide to find them. But this is especially concerning when Yogo's disapproving brother and the reason behind his greedy ways, Merces, who would've been a very worse foster father to Healthy, comes in and threatens to find them first. Merces was among the worst con artist griffins, and after Yogo fell in his career for his crimes, he swore to get back at the Alicorn of Life by getting to her longlost daughters with help from two Klugetown freelance land developers, a woodpecker and beaver duo named Peckerson and Beavis, quoted 'Tree Extraction Experts', being too prideful of his family including his disappointment of a brother whom he wanted to succeed and blames the Alicorn of Life for destroying all chances of that happening, planning to create resorts on the Season Sisters' homes with the duo's help, along side a legion of trained Logger Termites. Thus the heroes must stop Merces' grudge quest before he ends up causing the seasons to go out of whack especially when another season wrap-up is disrupted this way.

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