Shifu vs Tai Lung KFP by KetsukiKyuu

Shifu VS Cobra as Tai Lung

The Second Cartoonian War, nicknamed by some worlds as Cartoon War II, was a war that was caused by the return of Dark Cynder and the rise and origin of the Villain League. This event was considered to be the Villain League's greatest period since there was no good that was able to stand against them. And it all started when a king tampered with a powerful sword and stone.

PTE Redux Conditions: Like the First War, it will be renamed "The Rottenday War", and be given a different history. (Not sure where I should put this...)

Thousands of years ago, the First Cartoonian War had ended with the demise of Chernabog's schemes of UUniversal domination. But what no one had realized was that a small fragment of Cheranbog's Void energy had been separated from him and had divided itself into many worlds so that it could continue to spread darkness in the hearts of sentience. Its greatest triumph was during the Medieval Dark Ages when bloodthirsty warlords and monstrous dark dragons regularly attacked their kingdoms in an attempt to gain power in the worlds. The Void even managed to corrupt many a sorceror that had fought on the side of light during the first war.

But for the most part, these new threats were easily taken care of by the rising order of the Keyblade Masters who had been approved for combat by King Uther of the WB Camelot. The Keyblade Masters fought with valor against these small threats from warlords, but eventually, they and the Council of Gods who fought during the First Cartoonian War came to the conclusion that the worlds would be better off if they were separated from one another. So the greatest of the Keyblade warriors, the ancestors of Xehanort, Eraqus, Terra, Ven, and Aqua, used their combined light magic along with creating a magic sword named Excalibur, which represented the power of the multiverse, and to purify a stone named Lockiver, which represented the multiversal balance, and fuse these two together, and separate the very fabric of the United Universes, making them all separate and without any memories of ever being united. Only those who participated in the Cartoonian War, such as Merlin, knew the truth and still kept to their memories as their solace.

In the meantime, many events were going down in the separated universes. The various pieces of the Void fragment had managed to continue to corrupt many individuals to darkness, including those who were new and had corruption potential such as Madam Mim, Maleficent, and Jafar. But two of the most notable victims of the Void's power were a voodoo broker named Doctor Facilier, and a sorceress named Mirage. There was also another villain in the form of an all-powerful Dragon Realms purple dragon named Malefor, who was defeated long before Facilier and Mirage came into existence. The dark power of Chernabog twisted their desires and hopes into fears and dreams of powers. Once the three villains were under the Void's power, the imprisoned mind of Chernabog decided to use these three victims of his to create a scheme of events where he would eventually be able to break free from Bald Mountain and restart the Cartoonian War once again by using the souls of people as his primary source of power. He manipulated Facilier into dealing with the Friends on the Other Side, causing the events of The Princess and the Frog. He manipulated Mirage to delve into even darker magic, causing her to discover the Mask of Bastet, which transformed her into the Bastet-like being she is now.

At first, all these villains were succeeding with their plans. But what followed next was something only TOWIAA (The One Who Is Above All) could predict. While Chernabog schemed for these thousand years, the son of Uther, Arthur, managed to slip past his attention, and eventually discover Excalibur and Lockiver, which WB Merlin had placed there after learning it's powers. Just as Chernabog was about to fulfill his plans of universal domination, Arthur at that moment pulled the Sword from the Stone. What followed was phenomenal.

Removing the Sword from the Stone had allowed the UUniverses to merge with each other again within a millionth of a second in the form of a flash that was too fast for the naked eye. And by a lucky coincidence, the uniting of the universes occured just as Facilier's talisman broke, Malefor's plan fell to pieces with his destruction, and Mirage was banished to Morva, all at the same time. Chernabog couldn't believe his luck at just how much happened at that moment, and then decided to call back all the pieces of the Void that had split from his soul ages ago. They all merged back into his being, and he then decided to begin another war to make the UUniverses know what they had done with their uniting. But first, he needed to patch up a few things first. With his dark manipulation, he contacted Malefor, and told him to see Facilier now that he was banished to hell for his failure to pay back his debt. Malefor helped him get out, and Facilier abandoned his plans of revenge on Naveen and Tiana to become something bigger. Thus he set up the creation of the Villain League. When a few members were found with help from Maleficent, the Villain League started out as a basic criminal group.

Yet when Malefor ordered the League to search for a certain person in the Valley of Peace for a new leader that was more powerful than even Facilier and Maleficent. This resulted in the League corrupting Mang Cobra onto the forces of evil. Under his leadership, and with Cobra getting new henchmen in the form of an ancient device known as The SPORE Machine, a creation of Chernabog which he abandoned due to it's creations being dysfunctional and stupid, the Villain League was able to complete a task sent by Malefor into capturing his old pawn, Cynder, and turning her back into Dark Cynder again. What followed next could simply be described as...chaos.

Mang, now called Cobra, began recruiting all new villains that had fell to darkness following the first war, and had managed to use the power of a Darkspawn medallion to summon Malefor's new line of Darkspawn lords. With this power, Cobra would be able to free Chernabog and consume the entire UUniverses into darkness. But at this point, TOWIAA quickly figured things out, and sent his new Council of Gods, the High Council, to get rid of the villains once and for all. All the while, Cobra's former master, Oogway, watched in sadness as the worlds, and also many great warriors, fell one by one to Malefor's power.

But this was not to end in darkness for long. Shifu, Oogway's star pupil, watched in anger as Cobra destroyed everything in his path. Realizing that he could not stand by and watch as his old friend run amuck, Shifu called together many of the worlds' future leaders and guardians together, and they all united to become a new army of Keyblade Masters. With this great army of light, Shifu used the power of the Kingdom Key to eliminate Cobra and send all the Darkspawn back into the Banished Realms. All the evil sorcerors and monsters under Malefor's command ran away back into their worlds in hiding. With the second war ended, Cobra was then sentenced to exile on a prison world. Unfortunately, all the prison worlds were taken, so Oogway was left with no other option except Madagascar. As a result, Arthur regained the throne of Camelot, the Villain League and forces of Chernabog were vanquished, and everything went happily ever after. But then, 10 years later, the Shell Lodge Squad was first united in Africa, and after another adventure, they finally trespessed in Lord Cobra's exile with some friends. And so, that's where it all began.

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