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"Second" Masters of Extinction War in the year 2000

During the time of the First Cartoonian War, Chernabog led his forces of darkness against the High Council of Gods. Information on that war is already known as it is. But behind the scenes, there was another war going on at the time that was lesser known to the worlds.

When Chernabog fought in the war, he managed to persuay several members of the High Council to join the forces of darkness. The most loyal of these defecting gods to the dark lord was Ryugu, God of Power. Ryugu was one of Chernabog's biggest supporters during the demon's days as Lucifer, archangel of light, and he continued to serve his lord after the angel fell into the Void. Ryugu fought with cruelty and anger to appease his lord's desires, but in the end, he too was thrown into Hell with the rest of the Darkspawn Lords. But in reality, he was the last to be thrown in, as he witnessed his master's sealing within Bald Mountain before he fell into Hell.

Once Ryugu got trapped in Hell, he got angry at how his former God allies could treat Chernabog with such disdain. This rage and contempt somehow managed to not only absorb the energy of the life force that was supposed to keep him sealed, but to turn him into a fused behemoth resembling an Ankylosaur called the Daimon; resulting to renaming himself as Diamond Ryugu abd create a Dark Portal that freed Diamond Ryugu from Hell. Once he was out of there, Ryugu decided to drain the Planet Mugen, resulted to the false claim that the Tastor Brothers had done. Once he had disposed the planet that gave a light of hope to the universe, it was looked upon by the banished half of the Overlanders (formerly ancestors of humans) and worshiped Ryugu as their true god. Pleased with the recognition, Ryugu used the void power to modify the Overlanders into the Dragozaurs, including Gigano Dragon, Dark Dragon, and Drago Wing. Diamond Ryugu made up a plan to free Chernabog from Bald Mountain by targeting worlds that were still in their Prehistoric ages, drain their life force from their world hearts, and then gather up enough life force energy to free Chernabog.

However, the One quickly became alerted to Ryugu's schemes, and contacted Primus of the transformers universes to send down several stasis pods harboring Dinobot protoforms that were given the energy of the "Dinozone" granted by the sacrifice of Davun-Fel and his followers down to all sectors of the universe (each with seven gems of the Dinozone in them.), including a Prehistoric Earth world that would later be the Dave Felis Universe, then have the protoforms scan dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals from that world so that they could have alt. forms. The protoforms were very selective on what beast mode to scan, because they had to find the beast mode with the particular character trait that suited the Dinobot within the Dinozone Gem. These traits include courage, friendship, wisdom, etc, etc. Once the protoforms had scanned their beast modes, they emerged as an all new type of transformer, the Dinozaurs.

These Dinozaur warriors immediatley attacked Ryugu's forces and were able to defeat him after a long war despite sealing themselves in fossil form in the process. After the secret war ended, the worlds were finally at peace once King Arthur united them back together. In the meantime, Ryugu waited in the shadows, healing himself in the process while asking his fellow old age dark lord, Kin Einmortal, to create the World Corrupters as a sort of back-up plan in case the extinction war and the Toad Empire failed. Of course, that doesn't mean Chernabog's successor, Malefor, might hijack the plan for his own nefarious ends...

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