Secret of Excalibur

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Dark Dragon's plans to resurface to greater heights leads him to a plot taking place where the Lodgers thought only the Villain League were crazy enough to go: Camelot, where the key to the UUniverses being merged and separated reside: Excalibur and the Stone. But the Villain League is especially upset since they were planning something there as well, resulting in yet another feud between two hated villain team rivals. Ruber especially aids the Villain League because of his role of knowing about Arthurian history, and about Arthur being born because of Uther Pendragon and Gorlois fighting over Gorlois' wife Igerna. When Uther died from poisoning from the Saxons, Arthur becomes king the same day Kayley was born by meeting Merlin, who in this world is a wizard of demonic heritage from Avalon and gets the Avalonian magic sword Excalibur forged by Nimue, the Lady of the Lake and an ancient servant of TOWAA with the ability to create cosmic weapons, out of the stone, uniting the UUniverses again. Arthur would get married to Gwinevere but is humiliated by his childhood bully Lancelot Du Lac for saving Gwinevere from Maleagant, meets his cousin Morgan le Fay of Avalon who reforms and heals him after Arthur and Morgan's illegitimate son Mordred marries Guinevere and usurps Camelot when he is in war with Lancelot for Guinevere's infidelity, Arthur is nearly wounded killing Mordred, and Camelot nearly falls. After all this, he knows that there's at least one person who can help them conquer Camelot before Dark Dragon can: Maleagant, who is revealed to be Ruber's father, and a wizard king of Avalon's mortal enemies, the Kingdom of Gorre. The Lodgers return to Camelot to warn King Arthur, and they learn that Kayley and Garrett are soon to be married, something they failed to learn about from Devon and Cornwall's mail. Their quest to stop whatever two goals the Villain League and Dark Dragon Scourge have for Camelot lead them to Kayley's uncle, Bors the Younger, in Avalon and a lot of other Arthurian faces including Lancelot and Gwinevere, so they can rescue Camelot with Maleagant taking Excalibur and eventually Avalon with the help of the feuding Leagues and Scourges. Thus it's time to take down Maleagant and these two and save everything, while also stopping what the two may want with Camelot.

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