Something on the Yatoran world of Ehswadus has finally been uncovered. Tiikon scientist Dr. Quicktra Sones has unearthed a long-lost fabled library called the Ehswan Library, which is said to contain the knowledge of a virtually-forgotten war fought by the Yatorans and the planet's main extinct Teadr 1 inhabitants, the Ehswans. However, she is immediately labeled a wanted criminal by Prophet Yamac Giugen and the Yatoran military for reasons Yamac refuses to explain even to his allies. Yamac orders the Lodgers and Heroes Act to go out and stop Quica, who only wanted to uncover the secrets of the library, which it turns out explains the AUU's Second Cartoonian War, and Quica wanted to learn of the war in full detail because she was curious as to why the Ehswans were wiped out. Upon agreeing to join, despite risking disobeying Yamac's orders, they discover that the Library is heavily guarded by robotic soldiers unlike anything ever encountered in the AUU. Quicktra believes it is Ehswan technology, and the heroes are able to fight them off and make it. Through accessing the Library's archives, they discover through the downloaded consciousness of the endling Ehswan, Solarithus Mal, that the Yatorans became who they were because of Ehswan rebels looking to illegally introduce technology to the primitive Yatorans as a means of their preaching against the 'unfair' laws of not letting races evolve faster. But when the rebels were executed for their crimes, the Yatorans declared war on them, ultimately leading to the Yatorans surmounting the Ehswan's challenging war tactics and wiping them out, leaving the Yatorans to claim their technology. The Yatorans hid this secret in shame of overreacting to what they were too less-advanced to understand with the intentions of the Ehswan goverment, fearing they would be hated even by the Legion if this truth was to be revealed. Luckily the heroes understood since it was simply the same mistakes that the Lonies once made, albeit the Lonies' mistake didn't result in a war, and they understood why there are such restrictions against accelerating the technological progress of a race. It was not just to prevent greedy profiteers from taking advantage of the less-advanced and to protect the primitives, but to prevent more horrendous misunderstandings like this war from happening. While Quica was momentarily interested in exposing this as a needed-to-know truth, the heroes convinced her that if this truth needs to be revealed, it has to be done without making the Yatorans look bad. Yamac needs to finally be honest with the AUU and for his race to be of a clear conscience of this mistake. However, they were quickly arrested by a rotten supreme commander of the Yatoran military named Supreme Commander Blabcrap who worries that the truth would be too devastating for the Yatorans' image and convinced Yamac to fear the same thing, letting this be a choice of odds. The Heroes Act is imprisoned and the Lodgers are banished by Blabcrap, and now he plans to make the situation worse by manipulating Yamac into approving of it, and not just as an act of personal revenge for the Lodgers and Heroes Act ruining the credibility of his dear cousin Gormac. Can our heroes fix this and show Yamac that Blabcrap is not as credible as he thought anymore, and convince him to no longer keep secrets like Corona did?


Raze 3 Soundtrack Symphony Of Specters - The Kings Summit

Raze 3 Soundtrack Symphony Of Specters - The Kings Summit

Intro and Climax Theme

Intro and Climax Theme (Symphony of Specters- The Kings Summit) Coming soon...
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