The Sectons are a race of red humanoids that are militaristic and their number one instinct is ambition. They never leave anything in their power unmodified and have unbelievable power. They were once intending to found the sectors of the Theta Universe before they were outshined and exiled by the Crowne Federation for starting a war crime against one of the Crowne Emperors out of jealousy. They have since joined the UIS to try and take revenge. But recently they have turned renegade since their true intentions were caught, then were kicked out, dooming their chances of achieving their goals. Now the Sectons plan to create a secret project of a weapon capable to destroy an entire universe as they plan to basicly destroy the Theta Universe because it did not became what they had envisioned. Now it's up to the HA and the Lougers to stomp out these insane plans of litteral self-destruction by heading to their top colony, the Caosectom System.

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