A disgruntled Villain Leage Shocktrooper seeks revenge on both the villain leage and the Lougers with help from dark seeds created by the Darkspawn lord of plants Plantculu, called the Seeds of Discontent, seeds capable to make people agrue with eachother often for griveiousences that were already sloved. Many seeds have been spread in the Villain Leage fortress and the villain leage has begun to have massive villain infighting, and the leage leaders themsleves are helpless to tame this until they could figure out what is wrong. The Lougers quickly discovered that an angered former shocktrooper wants revenge for being unfairly fired for failing to stop the lougers during the New Cronicles mess when other Shocktroopers didn't suffer such a fate. Can the lougers avoid a shocktrooper's revenge, discover how he gotten the seeds of discontent, and more impourently, how to prevent the villain leage from being disbanned by the infighting, and keep the villain community and the Thunder Guild from blaming the lougers for causing it even when they have ABSOLUTELY no respondsability in it thanks to the "Pathway of Peace" fear.

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