Segrego Tempestuous

Segrego Tempestuous (Tempered Power Form)

Segrego Tempestuous is an Equestrian nuckelavee (Fused horse and human rider of Orcadian mythology), and former centaur, from Hollow Shade's Mither Lake, created as an early harbinger of fear by Pitch Black from a heavily cruel and racist centaur during the Equestrian Fear War, he was created to spread fear by xenophobia and hate through prejudice until he was sealed away into the lake by a nix named Maid Mither during the time Segrego went rogue, betrayed Pitch, and organized a race war that would lead to the formation of the faulty Unity. But he swore to return should a person of immeasurable hate come. That eventually comes in the form of Chancellor Neighsay. He wields two magic whips which are blatant symbols of his cruel punishments, which can control people, corrupt them, can kill with a single strike, can hit pressure points, can brainwash opponents, and can just do anything twisted. The being torso never speaks, only doing so telepathically and via unholy screaming, while the Equine Body, with a newfound horse-head, speaks, but only in an anicent undead dialect.


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As a nuckelavee, Segrego has a human body fused to a larger horse body which allows for opposable limbs. The head only speaks telepathically, and cannot speak English physically, only mentally and telepathically, as the physical speech is only unholy screams that can scare or agitate anyone, and the horse body can only speak in ancient undead Ponish dialect. The human body is the greater intelligence just like it was when Segrego was a centaur. He's diabolically smart, a master in strategy, and has a silver tongue, capable of manipulating people with just the right words. His physical strength is powerful and his size is roughly as big as Tirek in his second-third forms.

His trademark weapons are his magic whips, complementing his life as a slaver. These whips work and do anything by targeting pressure points. Thus this allows them to manipulate minds, corrupting or controlling them, inflict as much pain as he wants and cause agonizing and excruciating pain for as long as an entire year, they can kill with a single strike in a variety of ways, they can cause mental destruction, they can cause memory loss, they can confuse and torture, they can force the truth out of people, etc. They can also act as grapples and can extend.

Segrego Blood Demon Form

The Blood Demon Form

However, Segrego's greatest weakness but also a dangerious one to exploit is that his superior intellighence can be easily over-shadowed by a VERY bad temper, given that Segrego was also infmaous as a netourious hothead. Even a very minor insult at his pride and/or appearence is enough to set him offas he mutants into much, much more of a darken monstorsity if being a nuckelavee wasn't discerning enough. The stronger form, called "The Blood Demon" is the embodiment of his anger finally being freed, as Segrego becomes more negromorthic in this form, and he becomes seeping with rage-powered blood magic, thus becoming such a disterbing form that it's almost unreckindiseable from Segrogo's tempered power. But he loses much of his sanity in this form as a result.
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