Selera Lobe

Selera Iello Lobe

Selera I. Lobe is an Alternate UUniversal Ulamer from Planet Sioephus. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, and grew up getting a job as a fearsome bounty hunter who previously met Byron Buster during one of his journeys across the planet, and had rarely met ever since. But since her aunt and uncle were taken from her during Master Ganali's technocratic takeover, she decided to help get them back by joining the Sioephus Rebellion, meeting up with Byron once again. After defeating Ganali and getting her aunt and uncle back, though they ended up getting turned into cyborgs, Selera became a proud member who aided Byron in fighting of two other evils, and when the Villains Act ended, she joined her friends in becoming a member of the Two Up Society. She's also the only member to use a firearm.


Selera was born on the outback planet of Sioephus in Boquois City, where she was raised by her aunt and uncle after her parents died in a car accident. As a child, she had a childish lust for watching cartoons, particularly her favorites being about bounty hunters. Although she enjoyed bounty hunters, she didn't want to be one herself since she considered it too dangerous. However, things turned out pretty different for her in the future. When she went to a college and events lead to her dropping out, leaving her with no degree, and no way to get a job. So, after she ends up stopping a crime by complete accident, she realizes that perhaps that would be a good career, starting her life as a freelance bounty hunter who travels the planet in search of fortune, never leaving the planet once.

One of her missions lead to her meeting Byron Buster, whom she heard about in stories being a free-roaming adventurer who's Ranger parents disappeared on him as a child and left him in the possession of their two combat boomerangs, which he wielded in his adventures. The two had ended up seeking the same target from Ibrjuna who was a member of the Villains Act, Byron wanting him because he is afraid that something horrible could occur. While the two's constant arguing caused them to fail their missions when the spy got away, they decided that they make a truce and go their separate ways. Selera had not seen Byron for a while ever since. But she was shocked to find that Boquois City had been attacked by a giant space cruiser lead by Master Ganali, and she rushed in to try and rescue her aunt and uncle, who were abducted by Ganali's Praetorian Robots. She failed to rescue them, and while the city ended up becoming robotic, Selera swore to rescue her aunt and uncle from Ganali at any cost.

As a result, Selera became a member of the Sioephus Rebellion to get the job done. Though she does end up meeting a flirting marsupial shrew named Scroungy who constantly tried to win her heart, she surprisingly ended up meeting back up with Byron again after discovering that he was in trouble with the Praetorians, leaving the Rebellion shocked that not only was he able to survive even 60 seconds against Ganali's forces, but he was also a legendary adventurer. Byron wasn't exactly surprised to see Selera was a member, but they did agree to work together for once. After helping Byron out on several missions to defend Sioephus, they finally managed to defeat Ganali, and while Selera was able to find her aunt and uncle, she discovered that they were turned into cyborgs. Furious at Ganali for it, Selera decided to remain a member of the Rebellion to ensure that nobody would ever suffer their fate again. She was one of the many members to know how to swim when Aqua Regia became a threat. After helping defeat her, and after the fall of the Villains Act, Selera decided to become a valuable member of the Two Up Society.

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