Sembla Va Sphynx is an Alternate UUniversal Sphyx from Planet Invervitrax. She is a very powerful Egyptian-themed Sphynx cat-like sorceress whose species are mythological guardians of the Invervitraxian mythology. She had formerly been an abused slave that served her home's abusive pharaoh until she murdered him for his actions of killing her parents and took his place as Pharaoh, ruling with an iron-fist, killing anyone she wished, and being an all-around cruel person who treated people the same way they did to her kind as slaves. She ruled for over 800 years as she discovered eternal youth through a sun spell, and she has unbelievable powers that allow her to take her revenge, having flaming feline followers, along with imps similar to those of Belladonna, and she destroyed the entire home in a cruel fashion just to rebuild it in her image, all until her friend and perpetual husband, Phasoh, had her exiled for her cruel ways and her crime thanks to help from Beamflies, leaving her to become so angry, she becomes a new evil incarnate and being blessed with evil powers by the Opiqians, having the sole purpose of getting revenge on the Beamflies for destroying the home she 'fixed from it's cruelty' even though she made it more cruel than it ever was. Thus, she joins The Villain Legion as the second-in-command out of nowhere when Drynder is cured of their control. Her powers ensure she is not to be talked back to, crossed, or even defied, as she will kill anyone with a snap of her fingers, as her Sphyx powers combined with Opiqian abilities make her a force to be reckoned with. Having Zira's voice and evil nature, more so than her AUU counterpart Mirage, she does not let anyone stand in the way of her plans.


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