Senator Bouncer

Senator Joe Perry Bouncer

Senator Joe P. Bouncer is a Superior kangaroo from Kratos. He is a member of the Kratosian Senate in the Prometheus Temple and watches over and governs the continent of Naritius. Born and raised there in the city of New Troy, he was known to be a crackpot kickboxing champion and the son of one of the city's mayors. When he eventually retired, Bouncer went to get a job like his mayor father, going into politics until his success landed him into a position as a Kratosian Senator. He has a bit of a sense of humor that can be shown in his speech and actions, though he isn't one to always crack jokes when the situation is serious. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, air manipulation, ghosting, a healing factor, and a psychic shield.
  • MCode: AmGhHfPshSeSs


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