Senator Carlyle P. Carcarus is a Carcarodontosaurus saharicus from the Zootopian subterranean prehistoric utopia called Dinosica. He is one of the senators of Dinosica who guides Mayor Rex on his quest to responsibly and dutifully help and protect Dinosica as a childhood friend, yet their time in the government seat lead to them both getting into arguments. He has had a prejudice on a few ethnic species groups around Dinosica, particularly herbivores, and plans to establish a supremacy where predators were taken seriously as the muscle of Dinosica and not deal with oppression through stereotypes, eventually passing an elaborate bill that would allow him to do so, not through Tame Collars, but through something worse. He has four assistants who do special jobs in the government in the form of an Allosaurus named Ally, a Carnotaurus named Carny, a Gigantosaurus named Gig, and a Torvosaurus named Torvic. He also had an Irritator yesman named Irry Thatch until he was fired, which would eventually lead to his downfall. More often then not, Carcarus has been known to be very secretive whenever he's not in office, indicating he bares a secret he wants very little people not in his inner circle to know about.


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