Senator Judas T. Crox is an Alternate UUniversal Cscogana from Planet Ithoron. He is an iguana-like lizard and an atheistic senator of the Ichgee System, one of the many components of the Animal Square Province, and has a personal hated for Inigo Jr, being described as a racist warmonger. Crox ended up having an extremely-harsh opinion on religion of even simple tripes because of the actions of The Churchmen, even still after they were defeated and punished with delicious irony after they were utterly exiled to their own artificial hell, the Sin Realm. He would hate any race that has or even once had a religion because of his personal tragedy that his father didn't survive being banished to the Sin Realm. He has extreme views that the AUU would be a better place if religion was abolished entirely, viewing religion as a 'source of primitive corruption', and has tried to make the AUU Grand Council consider all laws to abolish it. Naturally, they refuse because religion is a right and blame is to be had on the individual rather than the religion even if the religion was used wrong. Outraged, Crox went rogue and tried to trick the Bulliarns and the Daobassans to destroy the Animal Square Province by simply delcaring war on the two races and issuing threats that 'their ways are an abomination to the ways of the Province's alliance and their gods', in an ill-concieved and un-thought out attempt to make religion look evil and responsible for the death of a powerful system alliance. Fortunately, the war was stopped by Inigo Jr and Master Bun Knee, soothing the anger of both races, leaving Crox to be fired for his war crimes, and now serves a life sentence in Oranos.


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