Senator Periwinkle

Senator Polly Eleanor Periwinkle

Senator Polly E. Periwinkle is a Superior yak from Kratos. She is a member of the Kratosian Senate in the Prometheus Temple who governs and watches over the continent of Lithinthana. She is noted for her glowing periwinkle-colored eyes which indicates that most of her abilities come from her eyes, and runs in her family in the mountainside city of Marror. She was raised by a single animator father, and grew up with a career in politics until she moved up the ranks and became a member of the Kratosian Senate. She is a calm and collective person, and has been known for having several restraining orders. Her powers include heat-vision, X-ray vision, microscopic vision, empathy, telescopic vision, a psychic shield, telekinesis, and force-field generation.
  • MCode: EpFfgHvMvPshTkTvXrv


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