Senator Trunx

Senator Ivor Omaha Trunx

Senator Ivor O. Trunx is a Superior Asian elephant from Kratos. He is a member of the Kratosian Senate in the Prometheus Temple and watches over and governs the continent of Ibianona, and because this is where the Prometheus Temple is located, this means that he is the Head of the Senate. He was a childhood friend of Master Algorithm who went to the same school as him, and his parents were ambassadors who were close to Algor's father. They died during the Big Shake, and thus, Trunx had to be looked after by Algor. Algor taught him everything he knew about diplomacy and politics, and his surprisingly-grand success in it made him go up the ranks until he was elected Head Senator of Kratos. He is married to Senator Neckstra, a giraffe superior and a member of a very famous family known to be the most devoted to Grotch Prometheus, and was the highest supporter of Super Ops. However, the minute Super Ops starts to get into nasty controversey, his wife started to severely doubt herself and doubt everything her family believed in, even angerly turning against Super Ops. Trunx would struggle to keep her claim and prevent her from making herself look like a hypocrite to their family's beliefs, but it would take a greater change to truely help him. His powers include super-strength, invulnerability, psychometry, omnilinguism, a psychic shield, and a uranium skeleton.
  • MCode: AhIvOllPshPsySs


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