Tyler Gerald Whyte
Senator White Ty Ger
Vital statistics
Title Senator Whyte, Senator Tyler, Whyte Ty Ger
Gender Male
Race/Species Albino Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
Faction Zootopian Senate (Formerly)
Description Xenophobic and Speciesist, Mentally and Experimentally Damaged, Evil, Abusive
Skills and Abilities Natural Tiger Abilities
Status Imprisoned
Location Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Xenophobic Evil

Senator Tyler G. Whyte, AKA Senator Whyte Ty Ger, and/or Senator Tyler, is an albino Siberian tiger from Zootopia who has EXTREMELY strong feelings against Herbavores due to being paraniod about the fact that there's more Herbavores then Carnavores. Tyler is not being xenophobic neither for fun or solely cause of a tragity. He's really just being a paraniod fool about it and is also afraid of how Herbavores are numberiously stronger then the otherwise physically stronger Carnavores, made worse by the existence of tranq darts which can even reduce something like a polar bear into a harmless state of sleep. Though to give him some justification, it's also because he's aware of how Carnavores have wronged Herbavores in the past before the founding of Zootopia, espeically in the times when they were unsentient. Tyler is afraid that because of the sins of the ansisters of modern carnavore zootopians, modern herbavores would "rebel" against them as an act of revenge for prior years of Carnavore cruelty and would take advantage of any prosition they get to make it happen. That's why to prevent "Herbavore Rebelions", he made sure Herbavores are kept in commonplace jobs and are kept from any more major position like Celeberty and Polotical entitlement. And with thanks to his talents in polotics and being able to get there with help from "friends" in Herbavore restriction groups that supported him strongly, he managed to make this go almost unchallnaged. Then he made the mistake of making Leo Lionheart, an old friend from collage, the mayor of Zootopia. Now, Leo nobley respects Tyler's concerns and beliefs to an extent, but feels that his methods "won't make tensions between Predator and Prey any better" and would possability end up making his fears a reality reguardless, or at the least worse, it would just make Zootopia uninviting to other animals. So, on the way to become Mayor, he went over Tyler's head and made Ms. Bellwether assistent mayor of Zootopia. Tyler obviously didn't appresiated it. He became violent and abusive as a result. It worsen when the first ever Herbavore celeberty, Gazelle, came into popularity. It worsen when her songs are about equilness and diversity, which in Tyler's mind, is a "recipe for a cake of anarchy". He believes that Gazelle is a deludsional false-messiah giving Herbavores ideas and "corrupting" carnavores into believing it, and believes Gazelle to be an anarchistical siren and a planter of "Rebelion Seeds". And his opinion on her worsen when she became politically active and started to motivate both herbavores and carnavores to protest against Tyler's standerds, even to the point of him being "harrassed" over it. Tyler was forced to allow Leo to allow Herbavores into greater positions, like Herbavores in a formerly all-Carnavore ZPD. Even eventally being made to allow an inititive that allows lesser animals the same rights as greaters, which allowed Judy Hopps to become a cop and eventally save Zootopia from a conspiracty. That pushed Tyler over the edge. He has became determined to prevent Judy and Gazelle from "Inspiring rebelions" by aiming to ruin their lives. But fortunately, he only got away with this for so long because Zootopia was mostly alone and had no knowledge of outside worlds being real. But should that ever change, it would soon not be the only thing that changes, and one and/or two of them would strongly disbenifit Tyler as Senator greatly. However, there may be something surprisingly more to White then just being a racist asshole, and that his intentions go beyond the straight-up obvious. This is the 3rd and final of the showcased villains from Devientart.

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Deviantart Description

An Albino White Tiger who is a senator in Zootopia. Full name, Tyler White Gerold. He has strong feelings against Herbavores like you wouldn't believe. Because Herbavores were more numberious in Zootopia, he's afraid that all it would take is a spark to ignite "the seed of vegatarian uprising" and cause the herbavores to enslave the carnavores and subugate them to forever serve. With thanks to his skills in polotics, this anti-herbavore jerk-off got to be senator through powerful allies who support "Power over the Plant-Eaters". He has saw to it that, in the way, it's mainly the herbavores who are mainly workers and food providers, while he made sure only carnavores got impourent positions like celeberity and/or polotical entitlement, like with Leo Lionheart. However, Leo ended up working against Tyler's ideals by making Zootopia a more deversed place. And the rise of Gazelle as a celebery helped little. And he's certainly not fond of Judy Hops for furthering "the waters of anarchy". And to worse it off, Leo one day plans to go from mayor to senator, feeling as if Tyler is not being adaquint in office, though Tyler used threats and bulling tactics to keep Leo as mayor, but it's only a matter of time before less then intimidatable forces come and really turn his world upside down.


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  • "I, am, NOT, Amused, Leo."
  • "Good evening, Leo.... I have heard you gave your glorifived sectratary a, "periment" day-off.... Guess you don't have anyone to cancel your afternoons anymore.... Good."
  • "I merely came to ensure once again, you remember your place, you ungrateful piece of policitcal garbage?! (Punches Leo down?!) You, have been watering the seeds of plant-eating rebelion against us carnavores like a reckless fool?! First it was making a sheep an "assisent mayor", then letting a gazelle become a celebery, AND NOW, A RABBET IN THE POLICE FORCE?! REALLY?! What's the matter with you Leo? Huh?"
  • "Well two out of three isn't good enough for me. One failure has proven that the Herbavores want more power?! And it'll be used against us soon. VERY, soon. And it's gonna start with Gazelle.... AND THAT BUNNY?!"
  • "They're HERBAVORES, you half-wit?! THEY, wish to enslave us meat-eaters as revenge for what our ansisters use to do to them!? Herbavores may be weaker then us, but our strentgh is NOTHING, to their numbers and GREATER actcess to tecknowagey, LIKE ELEPHANT TRANQ GUNS!? We meat-eaters would be over-wealmed in minutes, and before you know it.... WE'LL BE ALL SLAVES!?"
  • "THINK ABOUT IT, LEO?! Gazelle and Judy are starting to inspire plant-munchers to seek out greater things then what they should be solely doing?! And it gets worse.... Soon, it'll evole into into Carnavores and Herbavores singing folk songswith eachother. Then that'll lead to them sharing their snack foods..... And worse of all..... THEY, WOULD, START, INTER-SPIECES DATING, LEO?! ALL, SEEDS OF REBELION, LEO?! ALL, SEEDS, OF, REBELION!? THAT'S why, we can't afford to have Judy and Gazelle around for too long! You already slowed down the ineditable by getting rid of Bellwether, but that's all it is. Slowing it down. We can still stop the uprising, by getting rid of Gazelle and the Bunny."
  • "I want you to have the Bunny arrest Gazelle for commiting an act of disrespect to me by leading actifists to my humble estate! And that you issued her sentence to be life imprisonment for threatening a polotision. And how it would hurt the bunny, you may ask? Well.... People don't tend to forgive cops who arrested their idols. It'll break her weak bunny soul. She'll either be fired by her idiot boss being forced, or she'll quit.... Either way.... I hope it leads to her killing herslef."
  • "Good.... Don't ever, EVER, forget your place.... And I better hear about Judy, making the arrest. Because if I don't.... Expect to see me again soon, Leo."
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