Senor Larry

"Do not be afraid to gaze apawn me, senorita. You know i am dashing."

Senor Larry is a former racecar driver that thanks to Lord Cobra, has fallen victim to a life of crime of being made magicly attractive as a side effect of being perimently corrupted. For a roadrunner, he is quite dashing. he is capable to effect all woman but Le Fifi, his partner. his powers can't effect men, but he does prefer to rip-off the roadrunner in chases simular to the cartoons. cause of his curse, Senor Larry is doomed to use his super charms to be nothing more then a commen criminal, not to mention his newfound unhealthy life-sytile of being too charming also costed him his job, even more so when his maniger's wife fell head-over-heels. He tends to be charming, but when threaten, and not given enough room to rip-off the roadrunner, he is a pretty dangerious fighter and kick-boxer, as well as his speed makes him able to do swift and painful kicks, though his claws are not fatal, he would be too fast for you that you'll end up daze and confused, and he and Le Fifi would've already escaped.
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