Sentinel Pulsifer Tommy Felker is a genetically-engineered human from Mutantus. He is the general of the Prized Guard of Prize City, the capital of human territory within the central lands of Mutantus outside mutant territory, and the son of the leader Elder Felker. He is a very hot-headed, foul-tempered, but still strong and vigilante leader for the Prized Guard and it's sole duty of protecting human territory from any harmful mutant menace since The End caused by harsh hostile circumstance with BioGen Inc, including the death of the mutants' last leader Lord Evolfield, to be replaced later by Lord Decapod, and ensure the safety of their leader, President Falle, as mutant-human relations are a hard matter on Mutantus and the two still struggle to coexist together. He is the Mutantus version of Fallout Sentinel Lyons, only male, and he has a partner named Marvin Hurt.


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