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Set is the main antagonist of the cartoon series Tutenstein and is the Egyptian god of chaos, destruction and disorder. For thousands of years, Set has been condemned to the darkest pit of the Egyptian underworld. The reason for this is for his assault on his brother, Osiris. He dismembered Osiris and scattered his body parts across the world. Although Osiris was brought back together by his wife Isis, Osiris' son, Horus, confronted Set and exiled him to the pits of the Underworld. But when Tut was brought back from the dead, Set saw his chance to gain the ultimate symbol of power, the Scepter of Was. He dispatched three of his demonic servants (Khesef, Sekhem, and Hemhety) to retrieve it and was almost released. But with the help of Cleo and Luxor, Tut sent Set and his demonic minions back to the underworld. From that day on, Set has tried multiple attempts to gain the Scepter and not only escape his imprisonment, but to conquer both the human world and avenge himself on the other Egyptian gods. But no matter what he does, Tut always seems to thwart him (though sometimes it's Cleo). Since he is unable to enter the "overworld", Set usually dispatches the demons and monsters at his command to do his dirty work. And as the series went on, Set also became obsessed with trying to destroy Tut as well as obtaining the scepter (to achieve this goal, he even tried to get rid of Cleo). In the first 2 seasons, Set occasionally dispatched his 3 main minions: Khesef and Sekhem, a pair of Jackel-headed demons; and Hemhety, a large zombie-like demon. But in the 3rd season, Set has dispatched a variety of other demons, most of which seem to be mindless brutes, willing to serve their master in sincere devotion. However, in 3 episodes, it was revealed that Set had at least three minions who were competent at what they did; Pa-Hemu, Denwen and Telal. It is also inclined in the episode "Into the Past", that there might be some humans under Set's control as well. Set is always spying on Tut and everyone else in the over world. Set believes that ruling the world is his destiny and that his rightful place is ruler of the world.

Role in the series

Set was one of the ture original dark gods of mythology that allied themselves to Chernabog during the first Cartoonian War. After the war ended, he was sealed away in a separate prison in the Underworld due to his connections to Chernabog.

Role outside the series

He's currently the Big Bad of the Jaden's Adventures series where he has corrupted Anubis from Gargoyles into becoming his faithful Dragon. He's also a Big Bad of the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures series where Set becomes one of Jeffrey's most powerful enemies in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet TRON.

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