Siegfried Oranchov

Sergeant Siegfried Con Oranchov.

Sargent Siegfriend Con Oranchov is a russen sargent in the russen millaterry, who claims to have served in the cold war and is a siverian tiger with a rather, controverseal opinion that commuisum should've stayed with russa. He likes to say he has seen the cold war, and yet when asked what were the poloticial leaders during the time, he goes into a state of lost and confusion, then insisted "Not impourent, my friend", and quickly changes the subject. Siegfried is really a lier and knows nothing about the cold war and is just saying things to earn an undeserving position in the millaterry, I mean, the Cold War was like, an awful long time ago, and he clearly looks to be in his late twenties, that's strangely young for someone who fought in the cold war. He is also one of a controverseal status, often stating that russa should readopt Communism and the soveit union and then forced the world and the united universes into adopting it. Naterolly, even the prime minister considers him a radicalist and is often taken less seriously as a compident millaterry leader and is paritcularly disfavered by the US millaterry. There's even on-going debates with Russian and US representives about taking Siegfried off the millaterry and sent straight to Prison 42. You know this guy is bad if even Senator Tricorn thinks this guy's a psyco. Siegfried desired to make the united universe adopt his radical ideals for good! He came across such an idea: Impress the prime minister with a Superweapon capable to defeat any enemy, even the possability of being invaded by the villain teams, or hell, even darkspawn, and then invited Alister to make him such a weapon. He ignored Alister's pleas to reconsider when Alister was afraid the superweapon's intelligents would bite back, and when Alister made the weapon vanished, Siegfried ended up looking like a fool and a lier, and ended up doing kitchen duty for 9 weeks for wasting the Prime Minister's, and the Russen top general's time. Siegfrien vows to find Project Juggernaut and Alister and make his insane ideas happen one way or another, even if it means he would have to take a life away.

(Note: This wiki does NOT support communisum and no one should take this character seriously. This is meant to show how this character is seriously a bad guy for following it. The even mere mention makes this ahuther regret writing it down and ask people to remember this is not meant to be taken seriously. Thank you.)


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  • "Mother Russia will thank me one day. You all will thank me when we live in better life under reborn Soviet Union."
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