Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot is a Dark Spawn Lord, and is the main villain from Epic Mickey. A destructive force of paint and thinner created by Mickey Mouse, the Shadow Blot has long rampaged Wasteland and seeks a way to escape it and continue his terror in Mickey's world. He is also commonly mistaken as Mickey's old nemesis, The Phantom Blot.

Epic Mickey

When visiting Yen Sid's workshop and playing with magic paint, Mickey accidentally created a monster he quickly tried to destroy by erasing it away. However, what Mickey erased went back into the jug and fell into Wasteland, causing the Thinner Disaster and setting the Blot Wars into motion. Allying with the Mad Doctor, the Shadow Blot came very close to victory, only to be sealed away by Oswald and Ortensia, though at the cost of her life. Ever since, the Blot's presence has remained in Wasteland through the various drippings that escape the Jug, the largest of which has become the Blot's eyes and ears in the Wasteland. Continuing his work with the Mad Doctor and commanding the Blotlings in his stead, the Mad Doctor worked on a plan to allow the Shadow Blot to reach through the portal to Wasteland into the cartoon world and capture a cartoon to steal their heart. Selecting Mickey Mouse, the Blot dragged Mickey down into the Wasteland, though the Mouse brought Yen Sid's brush with him, frightening the creature off. While Mickey travels Wasteland to find rocket parts to get back home, the Shadow Blot builds his army up to assault Oswald's Fortress on Mickeyjunk Mountain and open the Jug. Mickey defeats him on the mountain summit, but when Oswald discovers he was responsible for the Blot's creation, the Jug is opened and the Blot is released. Ransoming the lives of Oswald and Gus for Mickey's heart, he then proceeds to begin absorbing Wasteland's paint with Bloticles attached to the ground. Mickey destroys these connections and he and Oswald plan to hit him with the rocket. Absorbing the paint from the rocket and causing it to crash in Dark Beauty Castle, Oswald comes up with another plan to bombard him with fireworks, setting the stage for Mickey's final battle where he must activate the fireworks and eventually, is dragged inside the Blot to get his heart back by force. After breaking his heart free, Mickey's heart is given back to him by Oswald and he hits the button to launch the fireworks, destroying the Blot in a series of colorful explosions that also serve to send Mickey back home.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob Series, the Shadow Blot, a former Darkspawn Lord, has long been deceased following the events of Epic Mickey, which are said to take place before the Originos Festival chronicle movisode.

Fan-made Story

When Mickey created the Blot, The Darkspawns were watching over this. They see he is defeated, and Malefor has Mirage to steal some Paint and Thinner and somehow deliver it to the banished realms. With the Paint and Thinner in Malefor's grasp, he resurected the Blot by creating him the same way Mickey did. He then makes the Blot the Darkspawn lord of creation. The Blot will remain in the banished realms until further notice.

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