Shamus von Phantomarge

Shamus von Phantomarge

Shamus von Phantomarge is a superior Sarus Crane from Planet Kratos. He is a xenophobic pacifist who fears that other-worlders, which he describes as 'normals', would fear superiors so much, they would try and declare war on them, enslave them, or even destroy them. So he tricked Master Algorithm into creating a device that will spread a ray that'll ensure that all superiors become normals. However, at the same time, ensure Algor's plan is also out of the way, as well as any who has the potaintional to be in the way. He's normally a decent bird, and of high morals, but a series of complincated tragies has pushed him to the point he relucently has to betray these morals for his idea of the greater good.
  • MCode: FfgGhItbIvb


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