Shark Lord

Shark Lord (Young)

Tim Arnold Teether, AKA The Shark Lord, is a Great White Shark from SpongeBob's world, and one of the biggest foes of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, both literally and figuratively, as SpongeBob, in classic MM and BB fangasming, knows that he is an expert at evil because of defeating the two multiple times and taking over the ocean countless times, establishing a society of crime in his own image, yet the two heroes managed to best him anyway. He was widely recognized for being the Bane of the two superheroes, as he threw their Invisible Boatmobile at them, sensing it through the electricity in it with his natural electroreceptors, and even beating them with it, he took on every hero and villain in MM and BB lore in a single battle royale by himself, he was the reason Barnacleboy lost his hair, and he hospitalized Mermaidman by breaking his back and putting him in a coma, among other infamous achievements. He has been this way since his father was a known serial killer, and thus, since he was raised to carry his father's life sentence, was fed up with it, became muscle-bound and exercised massively for 20 years, and broke everyone out of the prison to act as his henchmen, he has had a terrible influence that made him a crime lord. As a great white, he is larger in height, scale, and aggression to the other people of Bikini Bottom, and though he is roughly the same age as his nemeses, he is still a force to be reckoned with like Man Ray, having natural strength, fighting skills, and many other abilities, even if slightly stunted with age. He also has henchmen from his old prison who are still fairly new-age villains that have little appreciation from Mermaidman and Barnicle Boy fans in modern times, but mainly because they had no identities until then: The Thorson Hammer Brothers, two Hammerhead Sharks with high-tech energy hammers that can strike with the force of a thousand suns, Omega-Mouth, a Megamouth Shark capable of blasting a powerful pulse breath from his mouth, or even a large burp, Sandshark, a sand-tiger shark made of living sand, Whale-Shark, an unfortunate hybrid of a sperm whale and a whale shark, Mad Dogfish, a dogfish and Shark Lord's top pet similar to the Iron Dogfish of SuperSponge, Green Goblinshark, A Green-Goblin-knockoff goblin shark who doesn't even try to find originality, Arch-Lord Greenlund, a Greenland shark and his soft-spoken yet dangerous top guide, Joko, an insane Joker-esque Mako shark, Tigress Shark, an unfortunate result of a tiger shark mixed with tiger DNA, El Turo Tiburón, an unfortunate result of a bull shark mixed with bull DNA, Cook E. Cutterson, a Cookiecutter shark of super genius origin capable of duplicating himself, and his intimate lover, a Nurse Shark named Brutha, all only given these new powers in the modern adaptations, yet still being underappreciated. But as with any successful golden age supervillain, Tim felt no longer relevant in taking over the world after successfully accomplishing it several times, and decided to die a villain's death by going out as he lived, and seeks out the Pearl of Eternal Youth, which is found somewhere in the Yellow Sea of China in a sacred uncharted temple to briefly return him to the prime of his youth for the final battle with not just MM and BB, but the heroes that he deems the best to be in his last fight: the Shell Lodge Squad. So he manages to meet them exactly where they were having a lunch break in the Krusty Krab to meet them with his entire army of shark supervillains, getting MM and BB to get SpongeBob and his friends in the Lodge to help stop him. But alternate heroes or not, The Shark Lord is still a cunning strategist and has done away with other heroes no matter how big of an army they have. Just like MM and BB are a parody of Aquaman and Aqualad, Shark Lord is a parody of King Shark, and has a voice on par with Anthony Hopkins.


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  • "You know, there's a certain sport I excel at!... COMPETITIVE BITCH TOSS!!"
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